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Where to find goofy animated 3d animals in SharePoint!
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Sep 5, 2023 2:00 PM

Where to find goofy animated 3d animals in SharePoint!

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If you need to brighten a co-worker's day, look no further than SharePoint Spaces. This is a much-overlooked feature that has some very interesting bits reminis

Looking to bring a touch of fun to your SharePoint environment? SharePoint Spaces is the perfect solution. It's an underutilized functionality that offers a variety of engaging elements. One of these is the ability to insert goofy animated 3D animals into your SharePoint site. The presence of this playful feature serves as a delightful throwback to the Geocities phase and the Clippy assistant from earlier versions of Microsoft Office. It's an ideal way to liven up a workmate's day.

  • SharePoint Spaces provides an array of engaging elements within SharePoint.

  • An interesting feature is the ability to insert goofy animated 3D animals into your site.

  • This feature echoes the playful simplicity of Geocities and Clippy.

  • It's an easy, fun way to add a dash of humor and brighten a colleague's day.

Exploring the Charm of SharePoint Spaces' Fun Elements

Embodying an era of Web nostalgia, SharePoint Spaces houses various fun yet functional elements, one favorite being the quirky 3D animal animations. These offer a whimsical method to spruce up your SharePoint sites and raise a smile among users. Beyond just fun, SharePoint Spaces fosters an engaging workspace. It serves as a perfect example of how tech can be leveraged to enhance work environments, improving overall morale and productivity.

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SharePoint Spaces is a great way to add a bit of whimsy to your work day. SharePoint Spaces contains a variety of goofy 3D animals that you can use to surprise and delight your co-workers. These 3D animals are animated, making them even more fun and engaging. With SharePoint Spaces, you can bring the nostalgia of Clippy and Geocities into the modern workplace.


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