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Azure Container Storage solution - Change how you architect and manage durable storage
Jun 26, 2023 12:12 PM

Azure Container Storage solution - Change how you architect and manage durable storage

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Looking at the new Azure Container Storage solution that completely changes how we think about durable storage but also the performance and scalability.

Azure Container Storage solution is a new way to architect and manage durable storage, offering improved performance and scalability. The video discusses various aspects of this solution, including POD durable storage, how the node works, Azure Container Storage, the importance of storage pools, how ACS works, use of ephemeral disks, and the interaction between Pods and PVCs. Some key links to additional resources are provided, such as a whiteboard explaining the concept and Microsoft documentation.

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:19 - POD durable storage
  • 02:30 - How the node does work
  • 05:20 - Azure Container Storage
  • 08:00 - Why the storage pool is so important
  • 11:27 - How ACS works
  • 15:58 - Storage pools
  • 21:47 - Ephemeral disk use
  • 23:53 - Using ephemeral
  • 24:25 - Disk and elastic SAN
  • 27:31 - Pod and PVC interaction
  • 38:46 - Summary and close
► Whiteboard:
► Microsoft documentation

Azure Container Storage is a volume management service built specifically for containers. It allows for the management of persistent storage volumes for stateful container applications and is designed to run anywhere on Kubernetes.

Key features of Azure Container Storage include:

  1. Volume Management: This service allows you to run stateful container applications on Kubernetes with consistent experiences across different environments. It provides seamless uniformity across various volume types, including ephemeral storage (local disk), Azure Disk Storage, Azure Elastic SAN, and temporary storage, such as NVMe drives on virtual machines. This feature simplifies the deployment of persistent volumes.

  2. Integration with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): Azure Container Storage simplifies storage volume management in Kubernetes. You can deploy and manage persistent storage volumes for stateful container applications in AKS, integrate volume management with Kubernetes, and provision persistent volumes dynamically for stateful applications.

  3. Cost Efficiency: Azure Container Storage helps reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by efficiently deploying and managing persistent volumes on backend storage options. It allows for increased disk utilization for stateful workloads and enables dynamic sharing of resources provisioned on the Azure Container Storage pool across all deployed persistent volumes.

  4. Performance Optimization: Azure Container Storage is designed to optimize the performance of stateful workloads on AKS clusters by accelerating the deployment of stateful containers with persistent volumes and minimizing pod failover time.

  5. Comprehensive Security and Compliance: Azure Container Storage provides robust security and compliance features. Microsoft invests over $1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development and employs more than 3,500 security experts dedicated to data security and privacy. Additionally, Azure has more certifications than any other cloud provider.

  6. Flexible Pricing: With Azure Container Storage, you only pay for the storage used. You can start with the free tier for resource orchestration while experimenting, exploring, or getting started. You can upgrade to the standard tier for production, large-scale applications, and mission-critical workloads. Azure Container Storage orchestration is offered for free during the preview period for both free and standard tiers.

Currently, during its public preview, Azure Container Storage supports only Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). With Azure Container Storage, you can deploy and manage volumes consistently across various backend storage options such as local storage and persistent block storage while using AKS.

Understanding Azure Container Storage

Azure Container Storage is a volume management service designed specifically for containers, enabling the management of persistent storage volumes for stateful applications. This revolutionary solution enhances the performance and scalability of containerized applications, making it an essential tool for modernizing IT infrastructure and streamlining application deployment.

Learn about Azure Container Storage solution - Change how you architect and manage durable storage

Azure Container Storage is a volume management service built specifically for containers that changes the way users architect and manage durable storage. It provides improved performance and scalability, as well as a storage pool that is essential for efficient use of resources. ACS works by creating ephemeral disk storage that is then used to create storage pools. These storage pools are connected to pods and persistent volume claims (PVCs), allowing for the efficient use of disk space. Additionally, ACS can also be used to create elastic SANs to provide additional scalability and performance. Overall, Azure Container Storage provides a powerful solution for managing durable storage for containers.


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