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Exploring SharePoint Stream Features: Playlists & Offline Viewing
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Exploring SharePoint Stream Features: Playlists & Offline Viewing

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Uncover rich functionalities in Microsoft Stream: Playlists, offline viewing, variable speed playback, and more!

Microsoft has introduced new features to Stream on SharePoint to facilitate better video usage in the workspace and remotely. Stream recently rolled out Playlists, a tool for curating video or audio compilations within Microsoft 365, allowing organized, shareable video or audio collections. Stream on SharePoint has also improved offline viewing via the mobile app for iOS and Android, enabling video downloads for later viewing without internet connection. Additionally, the SharePoint platform now offers variable speed control for video playback, enhancing comprehension and accessibility.

  • Stream has created a feature called Playlists to organize and share video or audio collections.
  • Stream's mobile apps now allow for video downloads for offline viewing.
  • SharePoint now provides the option to control video playback speed for an enhanced viewing experience.

The Stream web app introduces new features such as video analytics and transcript keyword search for easier information retrieval. Any video that a user has access to can be analyzed, with total views and viewer retention stats available. Videos can be embedded into other internal websites using Stream embed codes, enriching the utility of internal sites. Lastly, Stream on SharePoint has expanded its service to Government Community Cloud and Department of Defense customers.

  • The Stream web app now has analytics for every video authorized to view.
  • Stream has developed a transcript keyword search for easier data recovery.
  • Stream embed codes can embed videos in other internal websites.
  • Stream on SharePoint is now accessible to GCC and DOD customers.

Deep Dive into Microsoft Stream on SharePoint's Advancements

The new features introduced to Microsoft Stream on SharePoint signify a major advancement in enriching the video viewing experience in workspaces. The Playlist feature combines functionality and organization, allowing users to create and share a collection of related multimedia files. The convenience and accommodation present in functions such as variable playback speed control contribute to creating a more accessible platform. The newly introduced features in the web app, such as analytics and transcript search, show Microsoft's significant steps towards a more user-friendly interface. This will facilitate better data evaluation, making videos a more effective tool in various business contexts. The expanding customer base to include GCC and DOD, and the added ability to embed videos to enrich internal websites, underscores Stream's commitment to customer value-enhancing strategies.


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Learn about Stream on SharePoint: Exploring Playlists, Offline Viewing & More Features

The blog post covers the latest features introduced to Microsoft Stream on SharePoint. It includes exciting enhancements to video curation and playback along with improvements to the mobile app, making it a more comprehensive platform for users' video needs.

  • Playlists: Stream recently introduced a feature called Playlists that allows users to curate a collection of related video or audio content. This combines the simplicity of Microsoft Lists with the functionality of Stream. Note that viewing access is required to watch videos in a playlist.
  • Offline Viewing on Mobile App: Users of the Stream mobile app on iOS and Android can now download Stream videos when connected to the internet and watch them later in offline mode. This is beneficial for individuals who travel, have limited internet access, or those under data limits on their mobile devices.
  • Variable Speed Playback: Users will now have an option to control the speed of video playback on Microsoft 365. Rather than playing the video at standard speed, one can opt to play it slower or faster, between 0.5x and 2x.

If you're interested in learning more about these features of Microsoft Stream on SharePoint, refer to Microsoft's active tech community or become part of relevant training courses.


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