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PowerApps: Building a Time-Based Calendar
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Jul 17, 2023 10:00 AM

PowerApps: Building a Time-Based Calendar

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In the past two articles, we’ve built a very simple menu component and a weekly calendar. For every date selected from the calendar, the wife now needs the app

In a series of articles centered on building components for an application, a time-based calendar is constructed following the construction of a simple menu component and a weekly calendar. For each selected date from the calendar, a feature is added to display scheduled appointments for that day and possibly subsequent available time. Inspiration for this design is taken from Microsoft Teams.

A flexible height gallery is conceptualized, aiming to integrate dates with an appointments table within a nested gallery. Filtering the nested gallery where the date equals ThisItem.Date, seems to be a straightforward task. A feature prototype that took less than five minutes to test is also mentioned. The design is at an early stage and not yet sophisticated.

Diving Deeper into the Concept

The overarching theme of the discussion is the creation of an application that simplifies keeping track of appointments. Specifically, this is done by building a unique time-based calendar that borrows design ideas from Microsoft Teams functionality. The article's main idea focuses on smoothly integrating a flexible height gallery with an appointments table in a nested gallery. Adding this feature would make it possible for users to quickly view and understand their schedules for selected and future dates.

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Learn about Building a Time-Based Calendar

The requirement for the time-based calendar is to show scheduled appointments for a selected date as well as any subsequent available time. This can be achieved by building a flexible height gallery with dates that brings in an appointments table and filters the nested gallery where the date equals the item selected. This approach can be quickly prototyped to give an idea of what the end result could look like.

The design should use Microsoft Teams as inspiration and can be adapted to the user's preferences. It should also take into account the flexibility of the height gallery and the nested gallery to ensure that the end result is both functional and visually appealing.

When building the time-based calendar, it is important to consider how the data will be presented and how the user will interact with it. This includes selecting the right type of gallery, the number of columns in the nested gallery and the data fields to be included. It is also necessary to consider the user experience and ensure that the calendar is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Finally, it is important to consider the security of the calendar and how the data is stored and protected. This includes implementing the necessary encryption and authentication protocols to ensure the data is secure and confidential.


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