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GPT4 Code Interpreter does a day of work in 1 minute
Aug 18, 2023 4:00 PM

GPT4 Code Interpreter does a day of work in 1 minute

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The Sample data sets can be downloaded from (it's in the source data folder after downloading) ⚠️Safer not to upload identifiable sensit

GPT4 Code Interpreter's efficiency allows it to complete a whole day's work in just 1 minute. This has important implications for productivity tools like Excel and PowerBI. You can download the sample datasets from

  • Users are advised against uploading identifiable sensitive data. However, there are settings options to prevent one's data from training the model.
  • This technology is not completely ready for everyday use, but it's clear that it's only a few months away from becoming an integral part of our work methodologies.
  • You can register with OpenAI at
  • The Access Analytic team develops Power BI and Excel solutions for clients in Australia, and also offers training globally.
  • You can find out more about their offerings at
  • The writer of the text has a book titled "Power BI for the Excel Analyst" available at
  • Connect with the author:

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The GPT4 Code Interpreter promises to revolutionize the way we interact with software, significantly improving productivity rates by minimizing the time required to execute tasks. This powerful tool has the potential to transform business models, and most importantly, the way work is done in Excel and PowerBI. As these applications are commonly utilized across a myriad of industries, the benefits of the GPT4 Code Interpreter can reach a broad audience.

Learn about GPT4 Code Interpreter does a day of work in 1 minute. #Excel #PowerBI

GPT4 Code Interpreter can do a day's worth of work in just one minute. This technology is quickly becoming increasingly sophisticated and can be used in real-life scenarios. To get started, the Sample data sets can be downloaded from It is important to note that it is safer not to upload identifiable sensitive data, but there is an option under settings to prevent your data from training the model. OpenAI ( is a great resource to explore this technology further. The team at Access Analytic ( is experienced in developing Power BI and Excel solutions for clients in Australia and delivering training around the World. Wynn Roberts ( is an expert in this field and has written a book called “Power BI for the Excel Analyst”, available at


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