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4 Excel Settings to Review Now to be more Productive
Aug 26, 2022 12:00 AM

4 Excel Settings to Review Now to be more Productive

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Microsoft Excel has lots of default settings that might work against your preferred work flow. In this video I'll show you my recommended settings you should review

Some of these will improve productivity and some are for convenience. Examples are Excel Custom Lists, AutoCorrect. If you find yourself typing the same text or lists often these settings will improve your life. Other settings to review is the ability to define a default layout for your Pivot Tables and change your Excel startup options. Another one I like is to stop the selected cell from moving down when I press enter.

In this Video

00:00 Change These Excel Settings Now!

00:18 What Happens on Enter

01:46 Long Phrases with AutoCorrect

03:05 Custom Lists

05:03 Pivot Table Settings

07:21 Startup Settings

08:17 Keep Leading Zeros

09:47 Wrap Up

Tipps from Microsoft

Follow these tips for optimizing many frequently occurring performance obstructions in Excel.

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