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New Modern Controls: Fluent Design In Action
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Jul 7, 2023 8:00 AM

New Modern Controls: Fluent Design In Action

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A quick overview of the new modern controls in Canvas Apps. These new controls are in preview, but you should get to know them now.

New Modern Controls: Fluent Design In Action is a notable step forward in the field of Canvas Apps. These updated controls, though still in their preview phase, are expected to not only speed up the function of canvas apps but also significantly enhance the user experience. The features promise to make the apps much more intuitive and user-friendly. Despite being in a preview stage, a number of these proposed controls could offer immediate efficiency improvements

Relevant references include Fluent UI, where beginners can start understanding these new functionalities. Further details could also be obtained from the official Microsoft Power Apps blog:

Further Impressions on Modern Controls in Canvas Apps

The Modern Controls: Fluent Design is an exciting and valuable initiative by Microsoft, aiming to improve the efficiency and ease-of-use of Canvas Apps. The blend of faster app functionality and superior, intuitive user experience is an exceptional progress in technology. Although it's only in the preview phase, the modern controls have potential to drastically save time for users right from today. It is recommended for users to explore and get acquainted with these modern controls and leverage them for enhancing their experience with Canvas Apps.

Learn about New Modern Controls: Fluent Design In Action

Microsoft's Fluent Design in Action is a quick overview of the new modern controls available in Canvas Apps. These modern controls are in preview and can help make the user experience faster and more intuitive when they become fully available. There are already a few controls available that can save time even now. It is important to become familiar with the Fluent UI, which can be accessed through the Microsoft website. Additionally, there is a blog post about modern controls coming to Canvas Apps and a Branding Template V3 available to further understand the modern controls. Finally, a blog post from Bulb Digital is available to help simplify PowerApps Branding with a Theme Template.

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