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Teams Introduces @Everyone Mention for Group/Meeting Chats
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Sep 26, 2023 7:09 AM

Teams Introduces @Everyone Mention for Group/Meeting Chats

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Maximize team communication in Microsoft Teams with the new @Everyone mention ensuring all chat participants receive important notifications.

Microsoft Enhances Communication with @Everyone Mentions

The Tech giant, Microsoft, has reportedly added new features to its collaborative platform previously known as Teams. The platform has introduced an "@Everyone" mention, designed to notify all chat participants about important messages. This follows the earlier concept of enabling users to add people to group chats with the "@mention" feature.

As stated in notification MC485628 of December 15, 2022, Microsoft expects the @Everyone mention to commence roll out in late January 2023 and ready for use by February. Remarkably, the feature would be accessible across multiple platforms, including desktop, iOS, and Android.

Operation of the @Everyone mention is anticipated to be quite simple. Users just have to type "@", and it brings up a list of all individuals engaged in the conversation, with the added ability to use @Everyone to notify everyone or to just add individuals to the chat.

Messages relayed using "@Everyone" get marked in all chat participants' activity feeds as "(User's first name) mentioned Everyone". These posts also display in the chat with an Everyone: prefix and icon. Moreover, users are given the privilege to arrange their notifications settings on how they want to get alerts about @Everyone mentions.

Interestingly, Teams' new addition surprised many as it previously lacked a feature that notified all chat participants about important updates. However, in channel dialogues, both the unique @Team and @Channel mentions have been employed to highlight messages to all group members and channels respectively.

However, it's worth noting, the @Everyone mention is deemed functional only when a chat session has more than two participants, hence its non-availability for personal 1:1 dialogues. Further, in chats having more than fifty members, Teams alerts the sender about the potential of generating numerous notifications by using @Everyone.

Most importantly, the incorporation of @Everyone mention is predicted not to make a drastic change on how people conduct their work. It's merely one of the many Teams updates that serves to facilitate operations in the platform, by enhancing communication and keeping everyone involved in the loop, with just a simple @Everyone note.

For more detailed information about this innovative feature, please follow this link.

Microsoft's proactive approach to ease and enhance communication among its users is commendable. The informed and efficient functionalities equips team members to achieve more productivity in their convenient space. With features like @Everyone and @mention, no one is left out of critical updates. Overall, this collaborative platform continues to attract users and organizations with its continuous evolutions.

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Teams - Teams Introduces @Everyone Mention for Group/Meeting Chats

Learn about Teams Adds @Everyone Mention to Group and Meeting Chats

Beginning from the ability for users to include individuals in group chats by using an "@" symbol, Microsoft has developed this functionality further planning to incorporate the @Everyone mention. This new feature allows the sender to notify all participants in team chats about significant messages, simplifying and enhancing communications within Teams. Technically, this feature is scheduled to be implemented in late January 2023.

Using the @Everyone is quite straightforward. In the message dialogue box, simply type "@" and the list of individuals participating in the conversation will appear, along with the option to utilize @Everyone or add someone else to the chat. By enabling this action, all team chat participants receive an alert in their activity feeds flagging the use of this process. It's displayed as "(User's name) mentioned Everyone" and visually appears in the chat with the prefix "Everyone:" alongside an icon.

A user's notifications can be customized by adjusting the fields under the Notifications segment of the settings menu. Configuring these settings according to personal preferences offers extensive options. By default, pop-up and feed notifications are enabled, however, these notifications can be entirely turned off according to users preference.

Mentions specific to Team and Channels are also available, though somewhat impressive it took Microsoft so long to introduce a feature alerting all chat members about crucial messages. These notifications, contributing to the conversational stream in a channel, help to bring significant messages to the attention of all team members. They work comparatively similar to the @team mention as all members can gain access to every standard channel in a team.

Alerting the channel rather than the team might notably efficiently highlight a segment of users interacting through a particular channel. Yet, a notification will still be received in their activity feed if the channel forms part of their team list. However, noteworthy is that Teams suppresses activity feed notifications deriving from teams in a user's hidden list. Also, Mentions for @team and @channel are not possible in private channels, yet are allowed in shared channels.

The utilisation of an @Everyone mention stands logical only when a chat consists of more than a mere pair of in interlocutors. If a conversation includes over fifty participants, the sender is made aware of many oncoming notifications that issuing the @Everyone will trigger.

Although the addition of an @Everyone mention alerts might not drastically influence how people work, it nevertheless simplifies and optimizes the notification process when needing to highlight messages to co-workers in chats. Similar to most updates, it's positive to witness the further development of Teams communication tools, with @Everyone making it easier.

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