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Microsoft Teams Growth Strategies for ISVs - Comprehensive Guide
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Microsoft Teams Growth Strategies for ISVs - Comprehensive Guide

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Unleash ISV business growth with Microsoft Teams: Unique customer demands, new business models, and revenue tips.

ISVs Growth Strategies Using Microsoft Teams - A Guide

Independent software vendors (ISVs) worldwide continue to expand their businesses using Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams have allowed ISVs to address their markets' specific use cases. For instance, the Japanese start-up Communitio launched TeamSticker on Teams, a peer recognition communication tool, riding on the wave of demand for employee engagement solutions brought on by the pandemic.

Another case is PKSHA Workplace Inc., a Japanese start-up that has managed to secure more than 20 large enterprise deals with their BEDORE App on Teams. The success of ISVs in developing innovative solutions on Teams demonstrate the platform's efficacy for advancing business interests.

WorkplaceBuddy was launched with the aim of driving higher engagement for Microsoft 365 products. The venture has achieved appreciable results, with more than 94% positive feedback on the learning videos and consumption of over 444 minutes of video training every day.

  • Microsoft Teams has allowed ISVs like Kickle to innovate to meet the needs emerging from the pandemic. The company successfully developed Waldo, a desk sharing and parking reservation solution. Similarly, the platform has been leveraged by Creately and with immense success.
  • Microsoft Teams has also facilitated new business opportunities via novel business models. An innovative example includes Oktopost's Social Advocacy on Teams, which has paved the way for larger enterprise deals.
  • The partnership between TeamViewer and Microsoft has enhanced the Teams experience, boosting TeamViewer's first TSaaS offer to $670K USD of Marketplace revenue from July 2022 to March 2023. Over 10,000 companies use this integration, with over 30,000 users initiating TeamViewer powered remote connections in Teams every month.

Overall, Microsoft Teams promises substantial advantages for ISVs in terms of collaborative apps and business growth opportunities.

Expanding on the Microsoft Teams Phenomenon

At the heart of these various success stories lies an effective platform that enables adaptable business strategies and diverse solutions. Microsoft Teams, with its flexible app integration and collaboration capabilities, offers ISVs the ability to respond to market needs quickly and innovatively. Continued engagement with Teams promises novel customer experiences, enhanced product offerings and growth in sectors that thrive on collaborative efforts.


Read the full article ISVs Growth Strategies Using Microsoft Teams - A Detailed Guide.

Learn about ISVs Growth Strategies Using Microsoft Teams - A Detailed Guide.

The blog post discusses how independent software vendors (ISVs) are using Microsoft Teams for their business growth strategies through different use cases, new business opportunities, and novel business models. Japanese start-up, Communitio, explored an opportunity for growth through Teams by launching TeamSticker, a tool for employee recognition and engagement, amidst the increased demand for such solutions during the pandemic.

  • ISV PKSHA Workplace Inc. also found a unique market need and fulfilled it by launching the BEDORE app on Microsoft Teams, successfully landing more than 20 large enterprise deals.
  • WorkplaceBuddy, another ISV, launched to promote higher engagement for Microsoft 365 products, has seen positive feedback and high consumption rates of their video training, powered by Teams.
  • Lastly, Kickle utilized Teams to launch their business, meeting the hybrid work trend needs with their desk sharing and parking reservation solution, Waldo.

These ISVs have successfully capitalized on Teams capabilities to meet unique customer demands, thrive with new business models, and generate revenue from their Teams experiences. Using Teams, they've been able to launch and grow their businesses, indicating the critical role Microsoft Teams plays in business growth strategies for software vendors.


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