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ISVs Growth Strategies Using Microsoft Teams - A Detailed Guide
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Apr 15, 2023 12:00 AM

ISVs Growth Strategies Using Microsoft Teams - A Detailed Guide

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Microsoft Teams is an enterprise communication and collaboration platform that allows ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to expand their businesses by providing integrated services and applications to their customers. Through the platform, ISVs can provide their customers with a secure and collaborative workspace to communicate and collaborate with each other. Additionally, Microsoft Teams offers ISVs the ability to develop custom applications and integrations with third-party services, such as Salesforce and Slack, as well as integration with existing Microsoft products like Office 365 and SharePoint.

The article discusses how independent software vendors (ISVs) are using Microsoft Teams to grow their businesses in unique ways. One way is by meeting the specific needs of their markets and customers, such as Japanese start-up Communitio’s TeamSticker tool for recognition and peer bonuses. ISVs are also leveraging Teams to launch new business models, such as Kickle’s desk sharing and parking reservation solution, Waldo, which won Microsoft France Start-up of the Year 2022. Finally, ISVs are making money from their Teams apps, such as TeamViewer’s integration with Teams for remote access and control, which has generated $670K USD in Marketplace revenue from July 2022 to March 2023. Overall, Teams is providing ISVs with new opportunities for growth and revenue generation.

1. ISVs are excelling by meeting unique customer and market needs

2. ISVs are enabling new business models

3. ISVs are making money from their Teams apps

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