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Part 2: Managing Phone Numbers in Microsoft Teams
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Sep 29, 2023 4:33 PM

Part 2: Managing Phone Numbers in Microsoft Teams

by HubSite 365 about Martin Heusser

I am building and automating Microsoft Teams Phone Solutions and Call Flows.

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Explore robust improvements of Teams Phone Number Management List - featuring number assignment and unassignment, improved performance, and much more.

Summary of Blog Post: Management List for Team's Phone Numbers - Part 2

The author, Martin Heusser, explores in detail the new features and improvements in the management of phone numbers in Teams.

Referencing back to his previous article about the Teams' phone number management, he discusses further enhancements. In particular, he underscores the ability to assign and unassign phone numbers, delegated to users without Teams Admin Center access.

Heusser shares how he has updated the repository already, including the required code for the number assignment. He introduced new features while discussing the importance of manual changes as required.

New Features:

  • Country Attribute: Uses the country's two-digit ISO code.
  • City Column: Added for better management of phone numbers.
  • Number Reservation: Enables the reserved status of a number without it being assigned.
  • Assign a Number: Users can select a profile from the people picker to assign a number.
  • Unassign a Number: Allows for hassle-free number removal by changing the status to Remove Pending.

Heusser indicates significant improvements to the performance of the script, reducing redundant Graph requests.

While detailing certain changes in V2, he takes time to explain steps to edit the Status column and add a new text column, titled City.

Heusser finally talks about changes to the CountryLookupTable.json, with more precision in prefixes and the addition of voice routing policy names for assignment of direct routing numbers.

Overall, the blog post is focused on improving functionality and user experience when dealing with phone number management, specifically for Teams.

General Overview of Phone Number Management for Remote Collaboration Tools

Successful remote collaboration hinges on effective phone number management. Solutions like Microsoft Teams continue to enhance their features to allow businesses to streamline their communication networks. This includes allowing delegated tasks to users without admin access, allowing greater workflow flexibility.

Essential features to improve user experience, such as the inclusion of ISO country codes and city details, have become standard. Furthermore, options like number reservation, assignment, and unassignment are vital for better control over resources. Furthermore, script performance enhancements, like reducing redundant requests, lead to a more efficient system, crucial in today’s fast-paced digital world.

For more information on 'Teams' phone number management, click here.

Read the full article Teams Phone Number Management List Part 2

Teams - Part 2: Managing Phone Numbers in Microsoft Teams

Learn about Teams Phone Number Management List Part 2

As phone number management continues to be a crucial task for organizations using Microsoft Teams, the introduction of new features that simplify the process is a topic of great importance.

The focus of the recently updated Teams Phone Number Management article delves into how the listed practical features have drastically streamlined phone number management. Displaying these features in an interactive way can help users understand the functionalities more effectively. Training courses such as Microsoft Teams Essentials can provide users with a comprehensive understanding of Teams' phone management.

The new features introduced include a 'Country' attribute which now includes the two-digit ISO code instead of the full name of the country. This enhances efficiency in data presentation while remaining consistent with Teams' phone data. Furthermore, the 'City' column has been added to facilitate number sorting and filtering.

The 'Status' column has also experienced improvements with the addition of a number reservation feature which keeps track of booked numbers. This column also shows changes made to the entries together with assigned or unassigned phone numbers.

One major feature introduced is the option to assign and unassign phone numbers. Linked User Profile or User Principal names are now integrated into the system giving the runbook the ability to assign numbers and in failure to do so, return an error status. Thus, enhancing transparency and accuracy.

  • In addition to these, the system allows for the unassignment of a number by simply changing the status to 'Remove Pending'.
  • Performance improvements have also been made to reduce the volume of redundant Graph requests and thus ensure the system operates more efficiently than before.

To fully benefit from these features, it is recommended to familiarize oneself with the flow and code changes to the list provided in the article. This includes amending the flow’s trigger condition, replicating conditions, and introducing the create item action. Likewise, the article provides a step-by-step guide on how to customize the 'CountryLookupTable.json' file to best suit your needs.

However, it is important to note that certain features like voice routing policy support may have some limitations. Nevertheless, the writer assures readers that the system version 2 promotes a better budget number management list.

This article is an eye-opener for IT practitioners managing Microsoft Teams phone management.These features enable them in achieving efficiency in the number management ensuring accuracy and simplicity.

In the continuance of learning and mastering these features, it is recommended to take Microsoft Certification courses like the 'Microsoft 365 Identity and Services' and 'Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security' courses. These will enhance knowledge of Teams' phone management and other Microsoft 365 concepts and practices.

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