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Step-by-step Guide: Using Samples & Git on Power Platform
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Jul 18, 2023 4:00 PM

Step-by-step Guide: Using Samples & Git on Power Platform

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Explore Microsofts Power Platform, learn from samples, utilize Git and Power Platform AI. Connect with experts, partake in Sharing is Caring, and witness open-s

The Power Platform is an innovative and exciting program to use. An initiative called "Sharing is Caring" is particularly useful, as it offers assistance with features like Git and much more. The Power Platforms Sample repo project, an open-source platform, provides its latest information available at This platform educational content is divided into segments like Introduction, overview on samples, getting started on Github, and a section on the Power Platform AI Hackathon.

Connect on Twitter with April Dunnam aprildunnam, David Warner DavidWarnerII, or Hugo Bernier bernierh for more useful information and insights. The Open at Microsoft platform also offers a multitude of resources at its webpage and its playlist

The platform releases a new episode every Tuesday.



The Power of the Power Platform and Samples

The Power Platform provides valuable resources for researching and information sharing. The 'Sharing is Caring' feature is a fantastic tool, enabling easy access to GitHub and a host of other capabilities.

Particularly notable is the Power Platform Samples repo project, an open-source project full of useful material. Updated information is regularly posted on its website, encouraging ongoing learning and engagement.

From understanding the basics to participating in a Power Platform AI Hackathon, there is plenty to explore and learn.

Learn about Power Platform quick start: How to use Samples and Git

The Power Platform is a fantastic program that allows users to take advantage of various tools like Git, artificial intelligence, sample repositories, and more. With the Power Platform Samples repo, users can access an open-source project hosted on To get started, users should be sure to check out the introduction, which will tell them more about samples and how to use them. Additionally, they should familiarize themselves with GitHub and the Power Platform AI Hackathon. Lastly, users should connect with April Dunnam, David Warner, and Hugo Bernier on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest features and updates. Finally, users should subscribe to the Open at Microsoft channel and check out the Open at Microsoft Playlist, which features a new episode every Tuesday.


More links on about Power Platform quick start: How to use Samples and Git

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