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Fluent UI Power Apps Creation: Guide for New Creator Kit
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Oct 19, 2022 7:46 PM

Fluent UI Power Apps Creation: Guide for New Creator Kit

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Amplify app-making capabilities with our Fluent UI-rich Microsoft Creator Kit for Power Apps.

Introducing a More Efficient Fluent UI Power Apps Creation Method

We are excited to introduce a new method to accelerate Fluent UI Power App creation. This advanced solution emerged as a concrete response to a stream of feedback from our dedicated users since our previous release in May. In this regard, the Creator Kit, designed by our proficient Power CAT team at Microsoft, is officially ready for use in a variety of production applications.

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The Creator Kit is an optimized collection of more than 24 Fluent UI controls and templates specifically designed for app makers to swiftly create excellent app experiences.

Impressive Features of the Creator Kit

The Creator Kit has been systematically distributed into three manageable solutions, logically packed with unique components:

Built on the principles of the Fluent UI framework, all controls and components included in the kit are designed to enable easy creation of effective, consistent, and appealing user experiences for custom business applications.

  • CreatorKitCore: This solution contains the core components of the Creator Kit. A brief description of all updated controls and their current status can be found in the control reference.

Some components in the Creator Kit are noticeably marked as preview or experimental. The labels are a result of them having been recently added, or having an underlying platform capability that is not generally available, like canvas components which are not supported in custom pages.

  • Reference Solutions: These solutions offer templates and utilities to build on the Creator Kit components in canvas apps vs custom pages (embedded in Model Driven apps).
  • CreatorKitReference (MDA): Facilitates developing Model Driven apps with custom pages and the Creator Kit components. A standalone Power Platform license is essential for accessing these assets.
  • CreatorKitReference (Canvas): Facilitates developing canvas apps with the Creator Kit components. In contrast to MDA, a standalone Power Platform license is not required for accessing these assets.
  • Creator Kit Reference App: This solution features a reference application that lets you interact with each component and understand the underlying formulas that render it. It’s an efficient way to get a quick grasp on how the components function and are implemented.

Tangible Implementations of Creator Kit

This efficacious kit has been successfully deployed in real-world scenarios to create custom apps. One such manifestation is the custom Outlook Panel, in which the kit components were used to create a flyout experience.

This move in app development and design has been encouraged by developers from diverse backgrounds. This is primarily due to the fact that the Creator Kit grows their speed of app development while simultaneously lending their apps a more professional look.

Getting Started and Support

You can start using the Creator Kit by accessing the easy-to-follow setup instructions provided.

For bugs and issues, our technical support can be reached through our GitHub repository. Our team is equipped to handle all issues related to the Creator Kit components. To share your feedback, you can either upvote backlog items that you would like to see in the kit or submit a feature request if the backlog does not include the Fluent UI components or capabilities you need.

Amplified Benefits of the Creator Kit

The wide range of enhancements brought by the kit effectively benefits Power Platform makers, users, and administrators:

Makers can create problem-solving features of an application more efficiently with the superb design coherence of the Fluent UI. The kit takes over the need for front-end prodigies or budgeting for a design team, as it facilitates the creation of impressive apps with the latest and most contemporary designs.

Users gain an interactive advantage with a cohesive set of components that are intuitive and familiar, offering enhanced performance rendering exceptional user experience. This maximizes users' productivity while using your apps.

Administrators with responsibilities to govern UI consistency within an organization, particularly benefit from the modern theming architecture provided by Fluent UI in the kit’s components. The components are supported by dedicated engineering teams at Microsoft, ensuring companies can deploy apps with Creator Kit components into production confidently.

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Power Apps - Fluent UI Power Apps Creation: Guide for New Creator Kit

Learn about Efficient Fluent UI Power Apps Creation with New Creator Kit

Understanding and producing efficient Fluent UI applications has been made easier with the introduction of the Creator Kit. Published by Microsoft's Power CAT team, it's a set of more than 20 tools and templates aiding in the rapid and delightful creation of application experiences. Acknowledging user feedback has been instrumental in expanding and refining the features of this kit.

A brief coverage of the latest Creator Kit was explored in a Power CAT Live YouTube video, showcasing its features and providing a practical visualization of its application. This kit is divided into three unique elements each holding unique characteristics, aiming to provide a pliable experience for app-makers.

The core of the Creator Kit is held in the CreatorKitCore solution. It contains fundamental components, applying Fluent UI framework, thus ensuring appealing and consistent user experiences for custom enterprise apps. Users might come across elements labelled as preview or experimental, providing a glimpse into recent developments or features dependent on platform capabilities yet to be generally available.

Complementing these are Reference Solutions, intended to assist in building using the Creator Kit components. The CreatorKitReference (MDA) and CreatorKitReference (Canvas) are designed to facilitate the development of Model Driven and canvas apps, with specific reference applications.

The reference application opens the door to engaging with each element directly and understanding the underlying formulas driving them, making the learning curve considerably more manageable. Real-world examples incorporating the kit components, presenting them in practice, have shown significant improvements, especially in designer applications.

Starting with the Creator Kit requires following setup instructions made available. In case of encountered mishaps, there are provisions to report bugs in GitHub repository issues, which will be addressed by the team. The support documentation delivers more guidance.

In a bid to improve, the team has made their roadmap accessible in a GitHub repository. Understanding that community input is essential, a system has been implemented to allow users to vote on components they would like to see in future kit adjustments. This helps the team understand user demands and prioritize tasks. Even feature requests can be sent if they feel the need for certain Fluent UI components or functionalities.

The kit is beneficial from many angles, whether you're an application maker, a user, or an administrator. Makers are free to concentrate their efforts on developing problem-solving features. Users will find the set of components intuitive, and administrators will find value in the modern theming architecture that Fluent UI offers. Production deployment of apps with Creator Kit components is also bolstered by tech support from specialized Microsoft engineering teams.

For additional resources, GitHub Repository Master, and GitHub Repository Code components are useful. Additional information can also be found in User Interface Guidance Documentation and Fluent UI Documentation.

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