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Choose Certain Columns as Output in Excel | CHOOSECOLS & FILTER Combo
Jul 1, 2023 6:04 PM

Choose Certain Columns as Output in Excel | CHOOSECOLS & FILTER Combo

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Join 300,000+ professionals in our courses: Sometimes you might want to choose only certain columns from your filtered dataset.

Choose Certain Columns as Output in Excel using the CHOOSECOLS & FILTER Combo. This technique is helpful when you want to select specific columns from a filtered dataset. By combining Microsoft's new CHOOSECOLS function with FILTER, you can achieve this easily. However, note that this requires Microsoft 365, and the CHOOSECOLS function will not be available in Excel 2021 and earlier versions.

More About CHOOSECOLS & FILTER Combo in Excel

The CHOOSECOLS and FILTER combo in Microsoft Excel allows you to easily select and display specific columns from a large dataset after applying a filter. This feature is particularly useful for data analysis and presentation as it simplifies the process of organizing and displaying only the necessary columns. Upgrading to Microsoft 365 will provide access to this powerful function, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your Excel-related tasks.

Learn about Choose Certain Columns as Output in Excel | CHOOSECOLS & FILTER Combo

Microsoft's CHOOSECOLS and FILTER functions can be used together to choose only certain columns from a filtered dataset. This combination of functions is only available to Microsoft 365 users. It is not available in Excel 2021 and earlier versions.

Using CHOOSECOLS and FILTER together can help you select the columns that you need from a filtered dataset. This can be especially useful when you want to apply a FILTER function on your entire data but only want to have selected columns in the output.

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