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Microsoft Loop at Cisilion, with Rob Quickenden MVP
Aug 18, 2023 11:00 AM

Microsoft Loop at Cisilion, with Rob Quickenden MVP

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This month we hear from Rob Quickenden (MVP) about using Loop at Cisilion

This month we hear from @RobQuickendenMVP about using Loop at Cisilion, and we
take a quick look at what's #NewInLoop.
Cislion is a global leading systems integrator, managing networks across 70
countries. They specialise in enterprise networks, unified communications and
Microsoft 365 and Azure. Rob Quickenden has been CTO for a couple of years now
and has been an early adopter of Microsoft Loop. Rob has been championing the
use of Loop at Cisilion and will share how it is enhancing the way they work.
They use multiple workspaces and are using Collaborative Notes alongside Teams
Premium features.
Listen to Rob share his real-world examples of using Loop to power flexible
collaboration with his team.
0:00 Welcome
2:40 Whats new in Loop
15:03 Loop at Cisilion - Rob Quickenden
17:43 Our Loop journey
19:15 Why we love Loop
31:14 What is missing from Loop
34:34 My advice for Success
45:33 Questions and discussion
55:50 Wrap-up