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Setup a Reverse Hybrid Table for Power BI!
Apr 5, 2023 4:00 PM

Setup a Reverse Hybrid Table for Power BI!

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Hybrid Tables without using Tabular Editor can be very useful for mixing archived data with current data.

In Power BI, a Hybrid Table is a type of table that combines data from different sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, cloud-based data sources, or on-premises databases. Hybrid tables allow you to leverage the strengths of both cloud-based and on-premises data sources within a single report.

To create a Hybrid Table in Power BI, you need to first establish a connection between your on-premises data source and the Power BI service. You can then use Power Query to combine the data from your on-premises source with other data sources, such as cloud-based data sources, into a single table.

The resulting Hybrid Table can be used just like any other table in Power BI, and can be incorporated into visualizations, reports, and dashboards. By combining data from different sources in this way, you can gain new insights into your data and make better-informed decisions.

Hybrid Tables can be very useful for mixing archived data with current data. Pat Mahoney joins Patrick to show how to configure a Hybrid Table within a Power BI dataset without using Tabular Editor. Just some straight "M"agic.

A reverse hybrid table is an effective way to create a data model in Power BI without using the Tabular Editor. A reverse hybrid table is a combination of a star schema and a snowflake schema, which allows for complex relationships to be modeled.

The key to setting up a reverse hybrid table is to use relationships between tables to create a single table that contains all of the necessary information. This allows for the creation of a single table that is easy to query and visualize.

The process of setting up a reverse hybrid table without using Tabular Editor is an iterative process that involves creating tables, setting up relationships, and then testing the queries to make sure they are working correctly. It is important to pay attention to the relationship cardinalities as well as the data types of the columns to ensure that the data model is effective.

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