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Overview CLI for Microsoft 365 and Azure
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May 16, 2022 4:46 PM

Overview CLI for Microsoft 365 and Azure

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For the management of Microsoft 365, there is a wide range of management tools freely available, some of which come from Microsoft itself, others have been created by the developers of the PnP group. For some tasks there is even the possibility to do this in several tools. It is good if someone takes you by the hand and explains what is best to use and when. Adam Wójcik gives a great overview of his recommendations from his life as a consultant

Adam Wójcik "There are many ways we may manage Microsoft 365. To name a few we may use Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK or SharePoint Online Management Shell or PnP PowerShell or CLI for Microsoft 365. During my SP consultant/dev work I most of the times used the last two. From time to time I got the question: which one is better?"