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How to Enabling Microsoft Fabric
Microsoft Fabric
May 24, 2023 6:00 AM

How to Enabling Microsoft Fabric

by HubSite 365 about Reza Rad (RADACAD) [MVP]

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If you have heard about Microsoft Fabric in the Microsoft Build 2023 event's announcement, Here are explanations for enabling it for your tenant. This setting w

Microsoft Fabric, currently in its preview stage, is an opt-in service for Power BI users. Despite being restricted in certain regions, this tool can be enabled for a tenant or a specific capacity, and you can use security groups to provide Microsoft Fabric access to a defined list of users.

From 1 July 2023, Microsoft Fabric will be activated for all Power BI users, unless admin changes have been made to the settings.

To enable Microsoft Fabric, you need to hold one of the following admin roles: Microsoft 365 Global admin, Power Platform admin, or Power BI admin.

When Microsoft Fabric is enabled using the tenant setting, users can create Fabric items. You can make Microsoft Fabric available to everyone in the tenant or to a select group of users. Tenant settings can be overridden at the capacity level.

Microsoft Fabric can be enabled for the entire organization or specific security groups. To activate Microsoft Fabric for your tenant, navigate to tenant settings in the admin portal, expand 'Users can create Fabric items', uncheck the default off-selection, and enable 'Users can create Fabric items'. Optionally, specify security groups to either enable or exclude from using Microsoft Fabric, then select apply.

For specific capacity, Microsoft Fabric settings serve as a recommendation for the entire organization but can be overridden by capacity admins. This option is particularly useful for organizations with advanced developers who want to experiment with Microsoft Fabric even if it's not enabled for the entire organization. To activate Microsoft Fabric for a specific capacity, navigate to capacity settings in the admin portal, select the capacity, select the 'Delegate tenant settings' tab, enable 'Users can create Fabric items', specify security groups, then apply the changes.

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