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Saving a Microsoft Form Response
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Aug 13, 2023 3:00 PM

Saving a Microsoft Form Response

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Previously, we covered sending an automated email when a new appointment is added. In that email, there’s a link to a Microsoft Form that

Saving a response in Microsoft Form usually involves an automated email being sent once a new appointment is added. This email carries a link to a Microsoft Form for the client to fill out. The responses can be viewed directly in the browser on Microsoft 365 or downloaded onto Excel. However, it is possible to do more with these responses, such as saving them to a data source or sending them in an email. This method has particularly been useful during the Covid pandemic, replacing paper-based onboarding scenario.

  • One example of this is when visiting a Dentist or Doctor where the patient needs to fill out a health questionnaire. The responses provide valuable information for insurance purposes and determining the kind of treatment required.

  • With Microsoft Forms, a simple form can be created and embedded in the confirmation email for easy access. An important requirement is to ask the client to enter their email address in the form as a unique identifier.

  • To get a URL for the form, you need to access Microsoft Forms, build the form as required, then select Collect responses from the top ribbon. From the resulting pop-up, select Anyone can respond for anonymous users. This URL is then added to the confirmation email for the client to access.

Microsoft Form

The main topic is about utilizing the capabilities of Microsoft Forms in storing client responses beyond the default saving method. This is particularly relevant in current times, replacing traditional paper-based data collection.

Microsoft Forms allows for a simple yet effective means to collect client data. However, it is crucial to get a unique URL for the form, and to ensure that this URL is accessible to clients. Furthermore, asking clients to provide their email address ensures that each data entry is associated with the correct client. The subtleties in implementation ensure efficient data collection which can be utilized for various purposes.


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Microsoft Forms is a great tool to capture important information from clients, such as medical information or allergies. In this article, we will look at how to use Microsoft Forms to capture this information and save it to a data source. We will also look at how to embed the unique URL of the form in a confirmation email. First, we will access Microsoft Forms and build out the form as required. We will then select the “Collect Responses” option from the top ribbon. We will then select “Anyone can respond” as the form will be sent to anonymous users. We will shorten the URL of the form and copy it to add to the confirmation email. Finally, we will look at the HTML block in the confirmation email where the URL to the Microsoft Form lives.


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