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New Microsoft Planner Integration with Viva Goals: Features and Benefits
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Jan 17, 2023 2:00 PM

New Microsoft Planner Integration with Viva Goals: Features and Benefits

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Unlock productivity with Microsoft Planners integration with Viva Goals!

Microsoft Planner integration with Viva Goals is a new feature that allows users to easily keep track of their goals and objectives. With this integration, users can create goals in Microsoft Planner and then quickly link them to their Viva Goals profile. This makes it easier for individuals to monitor their progress towards achieving those objectives, as well as receive reminders about upcoming deadlines or other important milestones associated with the goal. Additionally, teams can also use this integration to collaboratively work together on shared goals and ensure everyone stays motivated and on track.

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Planner integrates into collaboration experiences across Microsoft 365. In addition to Planner web and mobile clients, users can view and update Planner plans and tasks from within SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Planner is (still) Dependent on Microsoft 365 Groups In 2022, this is less of an issue. We use Microsoft 365 Groups for almost everything, even if you aren't aware of it. If you have access to Team Channels or a SharePoint Team site, you're part of a Group.

Complete the setup to use Viva Goals app in Teams Log on to Viva Goals portal i.e. Create an organization in the Goals portal. Invite Users to the Viva Goals. Create teams and assign users to them.