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Comprehensive Guide: Using Material Design in Power Apps Component Library
Jan 21, 2023 9:00 AM

Comprehensive Guide: Using Material Design in Power Apps Component Library

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Unlock the Power of Material Design in Microsoft Power Apps Component Library

Power Apps component library: Material design

In this 20-minute developer-focused demo, April Dunnam, Luise Freese and Robin Rosengrün deliver an overview on a Design Toolkit Initiative - prescriptive guidance around UI principles for Power Apps. Review UI options for makers – ugly/bad/good, material design, what/why component libraries for Power Apps, and introduction to the first library with 16 components, template, proper

documentation and 5000 SVGs. Download component library and template app then build your app, use mix of standard and component library controls, change app style easily in OnStart Property.

This PnP Community demo is taken from the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Development Community call recorded on December 22, 2022.

Demo Presenters

  • April Dunnam (Microsoft) | @aprildunnam
  • Luise Freese | @LuiseFreese
  • Robin Rosengrün (EnBW) | @power_r2

Supporting materials

The Power Apps component library

The Power Apps component library is a collection of user interface components that adhere to the Material Design guidelines, an open source design system developed by Google. It provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools and resources to create modern, intuitive user interfaces for their apps. The components are built using React and use modularized styling so they can easily be customized and integrated into any app. The library includes more than 50 UI elements such as buttons, forms, navigation bars and text fields that have been optimized for mobile devices. Additionally, it offers pre-built themes and color palettes which make it easy to quickly build beautiful user experiences.

Dec 22, 2022 — Material Design component library for Power Apps ... It's easy to get started with Power Apps canvas apps and build simple UIs that serve ...

Dec 15, 2022 — Component libraries are the recommended way to reuse components across apps. When using a component library, an app maintains dependencies on ...

New guidance for adapting layouts and components to work seamlessly on tablets ... of brands and digital products – from travel apps to e-commerce and email.

Through the chapter so far, we have seen the advantages of using components when building and maintaining applications. We encapsulate controls that work ...

This toolkit is a curated repo of Power Apps UI Guidance and Components ... Material Design component library - built by Luise Freese