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Viva Sales Software: New Features & Updates April 2023
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Sep 29, 2023 6:05 PM

Viva Sales Software: New Features & Updates April 2023

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Discover Viva Sales Softwares latest features! Optimized with AI, boost your CRM efficiency and streamline sales processes.

Viva Sales, a Microsoft solution, is transforming the sales field by incorporating CRM data and artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the salesperson's workflow. It emphasises creating meaningful connections, instilling trust, and progressing deals.

A series of novel attributes bolstering selling efficacy have recently been introduced. AI enhancements to the Viva platform, which were launched today, are part and parcel of these upgrades. Learn more about this here.

Viva Sales assists with meeting preparations by aggregating and synthesising critical customer information, producing a concise summary from pertinent information. This feature enables the seller to prepare for every meeting without distractions.

Enhancing CRM with Email Summaries

Email contexts form the basis of deal management for sellers. To ease this, Viva Sales now can generate email interaction summaries, providing sellers with a comprehensive brief of the customer, including insights on product, pricing, timelines, issues, and solutions. The seller can then save this summary to the CRM, facilitating a shared understanding of the customer across the entire sales team.

An enhanced search feature in Viva Sales helps users efficiently manage customer records, allowing for easy distinction between multiple records with the same name by displaying key fields. This feature can be customised by the administrator.

Deployment of Copilot and AI Features

The recently released Copilot feature in Viva Sales provides AI-generated email content, aiding sellers in improving their communication with customers. The software has been updated to support all kinds of emails and collaborations. Along with that, the Spanish language support bolsters the goal of Viva Sales to globally enhance every salesperson's performance.

AI-powered meeting summaries allow sellers to follow up effortlessly after meetings to focus on other sales activities. Meeting summaries now also feature AI-powered action item suggestions that help sellers stay organized and keep deals moving forward.

Improved Documentation and Conclusion

The documentation of Viva Sales has been revamped for ease of navigation of resources for getting started, administration, and general management. Detailed guides are provided for users to help them with CRM software installations.

Microsoft aims to make every salesperson successful with their Viva Sales tool. They are encouraging sales organizations worldwide to join them and utilize Viva Sales, including a free 30-day trial.

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Dynamics CRM - Viva Sales Software: New Features & Updates April 2023

Learn about Viva Sales Software: April 2023 Updates and New Features Overview

One of Microsoft's innovative solutions, Viva Sales, redefines the sales landscape by merging client relationship data and artificial intelligence (AI) into a single, seamless work experience. The interweaving enables salespeople to concentrate on the aspects that really matter: forging significant connections, fostering trust, and driving deals forward. Let's dig into this further.

The most recent slew of features and improvements in Viva Sales were unveiled in April 2023, presenting sellers with the means to operate more efficiently and effectively. The enhancements, part of a wider series of AI updates to the Viva platform, have the potential to revolutionise the customer management system.

The novel Opportunity Summaries feature in Viva Sales alleviates the often tough task of preparing for customer meetings. It simplifies and streamlines the process of information gathering and synthesis to understand better the customer and their needs. This feature helps produce a succinct customer summary - being available directly from Outlook meetings makes this tool even more efficient.

However, these are not the only enhancements brought to the forefront. Another feature that helps save time and boost your client relation system lies within the newly generated Email Summaries. Salespeople often find crucial client-specific information buried deep within vast email threads. This feature helps to untangle and succinctly summarise this information to provide a digestible brief on the customer, encompassing insights on product, pricing, timelines, issues, and solutions.

Another key improvement is the Enhanced Search Functionality. This tool enables sellers to quickly identify the right client records. The task of locating the right record can be daunting especially with Viva Sales displaying only record names in the past. The new update shows key fields along with the names, making it easier to identify the suitable records quickly.

The AI solution portfolio also contains AI-generated Email Content Enhancements with Co-pilot. This feature improves the quality and timeliness of a seller's communications with customers. It now includes support for Spanish language and offers expanded compatibility with internal emails, reinforcing the global drive for increased seller success.

Another tool that adds to the AI arsenal of Viva Sales is AI-powered Meeting Summaries Improvements with Co-pilot feature. This allows sellers to effortless follow up after meetings, streamline post-meeting tasks, and focus on other crucial sales activities. Sellers can easily action follow-ups into tasks tracked in the system, ensuring seamless organization and movement of deals.

The Viva Sales documentation has also been overhauled for easy access to resources around getting started, administration, and general management. These documentation improvements include a new whitepaper on architecture and step-by-step deployment guides.

In conclusion, If you're aiming to stay connected and ahead with the latest improvements, you should visit the Viva Sales webpage and join the Viva Sales mission to make every salesperson globally more successful.

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