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Power Query IF AND OR.
Apr 25, 2023 7:51 PM

Power Query IF AND OR.

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Power Query IF AND OR are two of the most powerful functions in Power Query. They allow users to make complex calculations in Excel and Power BI, such as combining conditions to calculate complex logic.

The IF function allows you to create a logical test to determine whether or not something should happen. This can be useful for conditional formatting, creating calculated columns, or even filtering.

The OR function allows you to create multiple conditions and combine them with the OR operator. This can help when you want to check multiple conditions, but any one of them can be true to make the result true.

The AND function allows you to combine multiple conditions with the AND operator. This helps to ensure that all of the conditions must be true for the result to be true.

Power Query IF AND OR functions are a great way to make complex calculations in Excel and Power BI quickly and effectively.

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