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DocuSign integration with Power Pages
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Sep 14, 2023 10:00 AM

DocuSign integration with Power Pages

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If you have ever needed to sign a contract, agreement, or any other legal binding document, you may have received the document via email from a service

DocuSign offers a service to sign contracts, agreements, and other legal documents digitally, commonly known as an "e-signature". The need for such a service typically arises when it's not convenient or possible to provide a physical "wet signature". This service has been depicted in popular culture, for example in the TV show "The Big Bang Theory".

Microsoft Power Pages has released a new feature integrating DocuSign into their platform. Projects involving multi-step forms for applications that required some form of approval or "sign off" often had to resort to manual methods for the final step, like emailing or faxing the document, or using an e-signature platform like DocuSign.

  • Now with the new built-in integration with DocuSign, you can streamline this process and integrate DocuSign e-signatures directly in your multi-step forms.
  • This feature is currently in private preview and allows a no-code method to include DocuSign e-signatures.
  • Microsoft's Power Pages project is likely to greatly benefit from this feature.

This information was provided by Nick Doelman, a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft.

More About the Main Topic

Integrating DocuSign with Microsoft Power Pages will digitalize and streamline the process of signing off the document. This ensures that businesses can run more efficiently by reducing the time spent on manual methods. This will, in turn, further boost the utilization of Microsoft Power Pages as this integration elevates its application. It is optimal for software that requires approval stages in their application to verify and finalize information efficiently.

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Learn about DocuSign integration with Power Pages

The main topic of the text discusses the integration of DocuSign with Microsoft Power Pages. DocuSign is an e-signature service that allows users to sign legal binding documents electronically. This integration offers a more efficient manner to manage application processes that require a "sign off" step. Users can now carry out this final step using DocuSign's e-signature platform integrated with Microsoft Power Pages, eliminating the need for manual processing like emailing or faxing the documents. This new feature is currently in private preview.


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