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How to Clean, Analyze and Present Data with Excel
Jun 13, 2023 8:00 AM

How to Clean, Analyze and Present Data with Excel

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You asked for it. Here is my free course on advanced data analytics. 💥Want more... get my Excel School program 👉


Learn about How to Clean, Analyze and Present Data with Excel (FREE Adv. Course)

This free advanced course on data analytics provides a comprehensive overview of how to clean, analyze and present data with Excel. It covers a range of topics, from how to approach a data analysis project, to systematic data cleaning and using formulas like COUNTIFS, SUMIFS and XLOOKUP. It also provides guidance on using Power Query to combine two datasets, doing male vs. female analysis with Pivot tables, calculating bonus based on business rules and visual analytics of data. Additionally, the course covers how to use Excel features like tables, Power Query, formulas, pivot tables and conditional formatting. Finally, it provides insights into the salary spread (histograms & box plots), the relationship between salary and rating, staff growth over time, and a regional scorecard to compare NZ with India.

The course covers various topics related to data analysis using Excel. Here is a breakdown of the course content and additional resources mentioned:

Course Content:

Approach to data analysis projects. Systematic data cleaning techniques. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) using Excel formulas and tables. Combining and cleaning datasets using Power Query. Statistical analysis of data. Using Excel formulas such as COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, and XLOOKUP. Creating an information finder with data. Male vs. female analysis using Pivot tables. Calculating bonuses based on business rules. Visual analytics of data, covering four topics. Analyzing salary spread using histograms and box plots. Exploring the relationship between salary and rating. Trend analysis of staff growth over time. Creating a regional scorecard to compare New Zealand with India. Excel Features Covered:

Using Tables. Working with Power Query. Formulas. Pivot Tables. Conditional formatting. Charts. Data Validation. Keyboard shortcuts and tricks. Dashboard design.

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