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Guide to Admin Settings for Effective Team Management
Sep 12, 2023 3:00 PM

Guide to Admin Settings for Effective Team Management

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Boost Productivity: Microsoft Experts Ultimate Guide on Admin Settings

This video provides a guide about the Teams Admin Center in Microsoft Teams. As an administrator, it explains that you might need to update or view the teams in your organization, and even perform remediation actions like assigning owners for ownerless teams. Teams can be managed both through the Teams PowerShell module and the Teams admin center.

  • The text discusses how to access the admin center and highlights the roles needed for total administration capabilities.
  • The Teams overview grid, found under the Teams node in the Teams admin center, gives a snapshot of all teams in the organization showing different properties of each team
  • Guide on how to add, edit and archive teams are also detailed out with links directed to supportive videos.
  • The text also talks about restoring deleted teams and renewing expiring teams in the Teams admin center, with step-by-step instructions.
  • The team's profile page is also explained in detail. This page shows the members, owners, and guests that belong to the team, along with the team's channels and settings.

Diving Deeper into Microsoft Teams Admin Settings

Microsoft Teams Admin Center allows an admin to perform various tasks crucial for effective team management. These tasks range from viewing and updating the teams system within the organization, to assigning owners for teams without designated leaders. This capability is accessed via the Teams PowerShell module or the Teams admin center.

It's important for administrators to be cognizant of their rights and roles within the organization, as specific administrative roles are required for comprehensive administration capabilities. Detailed insights about all teams within the organization can be viewed through the Teams Overview Grid.

Focusing on Team Management

Teams in Microsoft Teams can be added, edited, and archived in an easy and systematic manner. The Teams Admin Center not only provides detailed guides for these operations but also supports video tutorials for better understanding. In situations where a team has been unintentionally deleted, administrators can restore those teams promptly.

Each team within the organization can have its unique profile page. This page lists all members, owners, and guests of the team along with the team's settings and available channels. This feature provides transparency and keeps the team's information structured and accessible.

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The text gives an overview of the management tools for Microsoft Teams in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. The tools allow admins to view or update teams in the organization, perform actions such as assigning owners for ownerless teams, and access necessary resources like the Teams overview grid for a more efficacious team management. They can manage teams through the Teams PowerShell module or the Teams admin center which is accessible at Information on team name, channels, members, privacy, status, sensitivity, GroupID, and expiration date can be accessed under these management tools. More administrative capabilities can be acquired by having roles such as the Global administrator or the Teams administrator.


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