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Create a SharePoint Online Board of Directors Site Guide
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Oct 20, 2022 8:12 AM

Create a SharePoint Online Board of Directors Site Guide

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Master SharePoint Online: Create a seamless, intuitive Board of Directors Site with our step-by-step guide by a Microsoft expert.

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SharePoint Online - Create a SharePoint Online Board of Directors Site Guide

Learn about How to create a Board of Directors Site in SharePoint Online

In today's fast-paced digital world, it's more important than ever to have a platform that facilitates efficient and secure corporate governance. Microsoft SharePoint Online offers an ideal solution for creating a comprehensive Board of Directors Site. By understanding how to utilize SharePoint Online effectively, you can create a platform that caters to the unique collaboration, communication, and documentation needs of Board of Directors.

Before a Board of Directors site is established in SharePoint, it's essential to understand its purpose. This platform typically serves an eclectic mix of internal and external users. It aims to create a single point of access for storing documents, virtual communications, events, and other necessary information, improving efficacy in the board's functioning. It is crucial to note that the user interface of the site should be clean, intuitive, and user-friendly for a superior user experience.

The first step to creating a Board of Directors Site in SharePoint requires determining the type of site you will create. You have three options to choose from: a Team Site with a Microsoft 365 Group attached, a Team Site without a Microsoft 365 Group, or a Communication Site. Your choice should align with your specific objectives; i.e., whether you need to have board members collaborate in Teams in addition to the SharePoint site, or you solely want a SharePoint site for document and information sharing.

  • Team Site with a Microsoft 365 Group attached
  • Team Site without a Microsoft 365 Group attached
  • Communication Site

When it comes to SharePoint Online, there is no right or wrong decision here; much depends on your unique requirements and the user experience you aim to provide. After determining the type of site, you need to plan out the site design. Then, it is necessary to inventory what needs to be present in terms of content. Critical contents for such a site may include documents, the calendar of events, board members' list, picture gallery, meeting logs, discussions, news, and announcements, and a glossary of terms.

The next step is to convert the content requirements into web parts in SharePoint. For storing documents, you can use a Document Library, while SharePoint Calendar can handle calendar events. Then, Board Members should be represented using People Web Part or Quick Links Pages. For showcasing pictures, the Image Gallery Web Part is a perfect fit. SharePoint Online doesn't offer a dedicated web part for discussions. However, Teams and Yammer can fulfill this need effectively. To communicate important news and announcements, you can make use of the News Web Part. Glossary of terms can be set up as a searchable glossary.

Once you go through these steps, it's time to create your Board of Directors Site in SharePoint Online. After creating the site, it's essential to configure the security settings, including the external sharing settings, to ensure that unauthorized access is not granted to sensitive information. Additionally, you must also decide on the authentication model for the users, ensure they have the required permissions and access to the site, and last but not least, conduct SharePoint/Teams training to enable smooth and seamless use of the platform.

Creating a Board of Directors Site in SharePoint Online needs some degree of knowledge about the platform and its various features. Hence, it's recommended empowering your team with comprehensive SharePoint Online training that covers basic functionalities and advanced features of the platform. This would ensure that the site you create is efficiently used, aligned with your board's specific needs, and ensures smooth and secure digital governance.

Congratulations on your path to creating an effective Board of Directors Site in SharePoint Online. If you ever need additional help or assistance, you always have the option to reach out to SharePoint experts. Enjoy seamless collaboration and efficient board management with SharePoint Online.

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