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Microsoft Teams Meeting Templates: A Comprehensive Guide
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Sep 26, 2023 2:02 PM

Microsoft Teams Meeting Templates: A Comprehensive Guide

by HubSite 365 about Sara Fennah (The Teams Queen Blog)

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Effortlessly create efficient and secure Microsoft Teams meetings with customizable templates, streamlined settings, and intuitive controls.

Understanding Meeting Templates in Microsoft Teams

The Teams Queen Blog by Sara Fennah has shared some valuable insights regarding Meeting Templates in Microsoft Teams. These templates exhibit immense utility by allowing users to set up meetings with pre-configured settings automatically. Additionally, these templates also adhere strictly to governance, enforcing the stipulated meeting options. A striking feature of these templates is their availability on the 'New Meeting' button in the Teams client app, indicated by the 'Community Meeting' option in the image.

An elaborate rundown on creating a meeting template is provided. Firstly, one needs to navigate to 'Meetings' followed by 'Meeting Templates' in the Teams Admin Center. Then, you need to fill in essential details such as a name and description and select the desired settings before saving the template. Some constraints may apply to the chosen settings combinations. For instance, end-to-end encrypted meetings can't be recorded.

In the forum of meeting templates, several settings can be pre-decided and locked for enforcement, offering an additional layer of customization. However, hiding too many options may lead to confusion and a lack of clarity among users. The settings are categorised broadly into: Security, Audio and Video, Recording and Transcription, Roles, and Meeting Engagement.

'Sensitivity labels' act as a prolific tool that one can apply to meetings to enforce settings, with labels being non-editable and greyed out in the template. Similarly, lobby settings can be customized and locked, with option to permit phone call-ins being partly controlled by lobby bypass settings. Provisions for watermarking screenshare or video and enabling end-to-end encryption is provided.

Audio and Video settings with Disable mic and camera features have options to be locked and hidden. Similarly, Recording and Transcriptional settings can be locked and hidden. Role settings, particularly the caller join notification, can also be hidden or locked.

Meeting Engagement settings extending from features like chat option, standard chat availability to toggles for Reactions, Q&A and manage what attendees can see are customizable. Necessary information about publishing a meeting template and its availability is provided. The template is added by default to the Global Meeting Template Policy after creation.

To create a new meeting from a template, the user needs to select the 'New Meeting' button in the Teams' calendar and choose the required template. Moreover, the blog explains licensing requirements, explaining that meeting templates are exclusive for users with a 'Teams Premium license'. Also, it talks about the supported platforms for Templates which are web, windows desktop and MacOS apps, excluding mobile apps.

Templates with a sensitivity label would need the meeting organizer to be assigned a Microsoft 365 E5 license which is a requirement for the usage of sensitivity labels in meetings. The blog further provides links for reading more about custom meeting templates in MS Teams, but these can be explored in your personal capacity.

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Teams - Microsoft Teams Meeting Templates: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn about Meeting Templates in Microsoft Teams

Organizing virtual meetings may seem an easy task, but ensuring effective governance and manageable settings could be a complex process. Consider this post as your ultimate guide on using templates in the Microsoft Collaboration Platform, aimed at aiding users to create online meetings with the right settings using these templates.

Templates at A Glance

Templates are instrumental in two major ways: they automatically apply the right settings in meeting options, and they facilitate governance by enforcing these options. Once published and made accessible to the user, you may find these templates under the 'New Meeting' button in the collaboration platform client.

Ready to customize your own template? Get started in the Administration Center. Select the appropriate options under 'Meetings' to create the meeting template. Ensure that you adhere to the restrictions that govern the combination of options in the template. For instance, meetings employing end-to-end encryption cannot be recorded.

What do these templates look like? Based on your preferences, the default settings for each option can either be locked or hidden, making them unavailable for alteration or visibility to the user. This eliminates the prospect of users changing certain settings, thereby ensuring consistency and adherence to specific security or governance standards.

Navigating Template Options

The options in each template are organized into helpful categories, including Security, Audio and Video, Recording and Transcription, Roles, and Meeting Engagement. Understanding each allows for effective alignment with typical meeting requirements and user needs.

Within the Security Options category, applying a Sensitivity label to a meeting automatically configures settings for other options, consequently rendering them uneditable in the template. If templates incorporate sensitivity labels, it is expected that these labels would be locked in place, remaining unalterable unless the label is merely a recommended setting.

Additional security options, such as lobby options, permit People calling features, meeting end-to-end encryption, watermark for screenshare, and watermark for video, can also be adjusted, locked or hidden based on preference.

Other adjustable settings include Audio and Video Options- for instance, the capacity to disable the microphone and camera for attendees, Recording and Transcription settings, Roles Options, and settings for Meeting Engagement. All these options provide ease of customization depending on the unique requirements of the meeting.

Deploying Templates

To deploy your meeting template, you need to publish it. Ensure it is available in the Admin Center by navigating to Meetings > Meeting Template Policies. For different users to access various sets of templates, create custom meeting template policies. Each template can either be hidden or shown within these policies.

Creating a Meeting from A Template

To plan a meeting using a template, select the arrow next to the 'New Meeting' button in the app calendar, and choose the template of your choice. Include the usual meeting details like a title, invitees, and other relevant details. It's smooth sailing from here.

Access and Licensing

All users assigned a premium license of the collaboration platform can access these templates. Anyone else can join meetings created with the template, subject to the options defined in the template. While these templates enjoy support across web, windows desktop, and MacOS apps, they are not yet available on mobile apps.

Lead the Charge with Templates

App administrators are responsible for creating and publishing templates to users. Sensitivity labels in templates demand that the meeting organizer should also be assigned a Microsoft 365 E5 license, dubbed as a prerequisite for employing sensitivity labels in meetings.

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