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2023 Release Wave 1 for Microsoft D365 Marketing
Dynamics 365
Sep 30, 2023 7:30 AM

2023 Release Wave 1 for Microsoft D365 Marketing

by HubSite 365 about Heidi Neuhauser [MVP]

Microsoft MVP | User Adoption, Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Expert at Reenhanced

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Explore new AI capabilities in D365 Marketings 2023 Release Wave 1, offering improved personalization, analytics, sales-marketing unity, and moments engagement.

Article Summary

In Heidi Neuhauser's [MVP] recent YouTube video, she discussed the 2023 release wave 1 plan of Dynamics 365 Marketing. This article summarizes the key points covered in her video.

The plan goes over new functionalities planned for delivery from April 2023 to September 2023. It highlights how companies, in their quest to do more with less, are focusing on understanding customer needs and driving digital transformation.

The key to business success lies in efficient collaboration, data-driven decisions, and the use of low-code tools, all of which safeguard resource utilization and enhance market competitiveness. This can all be achieved using the Dynamics 365 Marketing release planned for 2023.

The release is centered around four main themes. The first is to engage customers by building holistic end-to-end experiences across all touchpoints. The second theme revolves around enabling collaboration across organizations to create a seamless link between sales and marketing. More Information

The third theme is geared towards making better decisions faster by leveraging **data and analytics**, and the fourth theme aims to drive unique experiences through personalized content, images, and channels tailored to each customer.

Key Updates

  • Moments-based marketing, which allows companies to define the best channels and identify relevant touchpoints to engage customers effectively.
  • Personalization by leveraging data from customer past interactions.
  • Copilot and AI innovations, allowing for faster idea generation, segment creation, and efficient task completion.
  • Advanced data and analytics, bringing maturity and efficiency to marketing activities.
  • Unification of sales and marketing, fostering efficient nurturing of leads and pipeline acceleration.

Neuhauser then dives into some updates regarding the administration of the Dynamics platform. To get the most out of the release, application administrators should review user-impacting features.

There are features in the release wave that must be enabled by administrators, makers, or business analysts to be available for their users.

Dynamics 365 Marketing in General

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a powerful tool that empowers businesses to deliver amazing customer experiences. By harnessing the power of data and AI, it enables collaboration and efficient decision making. This leads to optimized marketing strategies and ultimately, increased business success.

Notably, Dynamics 365 Marketing's new release showcases the significance of integrated sales and marketing efforts. Through personalized experiences, companies can improve customer engagement, thus leading to business growth.

Overall, with the planned updates and the power of AI, Dynamics 365 Marketing is set to revolutionize marketing efforts, driving growth and ensuring organizational success.

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Dynamics 365 - 2023 Release Wave 1 for Microsoft D365 Marketing

Learn about D365 Marketing 2023 Release Wave 1

The upcoming D365 marketing 2023 release wave 1 signifies progressive functional changes extending from April 2023 to September 2023. While looking for areas of advancement, this update promises a transformative journey within the marketing ecosystem. However, some activities require thorough preparation and a well-planned approach to benefit from this new insight fully.

Today’s market is all about creating seamless experiences for customers while improving resource efficiency. Comprehending individual needs, facilitating effective cross-departmental collaboration, and leveraging technology are a few of the many aspects businesses need to focus on. This release brings artificial intelligence at the forefront, democratizing it for everyone to use and collaborate. It introduces AI-powered features to enable better productivity and marketing-sales team collaboration.

The release theme revolves around four fundamental pillars for effective customer experience transformation. Firstly, engaging customers at crucial touch points to create holistic experiences. Secondly, fostering collaboration across different departments to provide a unified customer experience. Thirdly, leveraging data and analytics to aid quicker and better decision-making. Finally, delivering personalized content to drive unique customer experiences.

The 2023 update introduces numerous enhancements to our product. For instance, the ability to accurately define channels for customer interaction, personalize content, and introduce AI-spearheaded innovations. It also lays the foundation for in-depth data analysis and unifying the sales and marketing teams. In essence, it allows for a seamless customer experience which, in turn, boosts business growth.

This release also offers more features that administrators have been requesting. Some features will need to be enabled by the administrators themselves, while others will be availed automatically to end users. Microsoft always aims to help its users to harness the maximum potential from any update. Hence a detailed plan will be provided for all the enhancements that have been included.

Moreover, the release includes effective learning resources such as release calendar, product documentation, upcoming events, and product trials. Participation in these knowledge sessions will provide needed assistance to acquire an in-depth understanding of functionalities. Additionally, to dig deeper into specific features, one can engage with experts and peers in the community and understand the best practices.

Therefore, investing time to understand this release will enable all users to create compelling marketing strategies. Analytics and personalization are by-products of the advancements in artificial intelligence capabilities. When combined with a seamless bridge between marketing and sales teams, it is a recipe for success. Whether you’re an end-user or an administrator, a marketing or a sales professional, this release carries significant potential for organisational growth and personal productivity.

  • For complete and detailed understanding, read the full release notes: []
  • Specific feature guidelines are also provided for a better grasp:
    • CC stakeholders on emails []
    • Increase lead conversions by routing to sales rep []
    • And much more..

Embrace the era of D365, where technology and intelligence meet to yield maximum productivity, efficiency, and remarkable customer experiences.

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