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NEW The Best New Excel Features 2023
Mar 12, 2023 12:00 PM

NEW The Best New Excel Features 2023

by HubSite 365 about Sele Training

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Here are my selections of the best new features for Excel in 2023. These are available in the Microsoft 365 subscription version of Excel.

The Best New Excel Features 2023 is a video of new features and improvements to the Microsoft Excel application.

Here are my selections of the best new features for Excel in 2023. These are

available in the Microsoft 365 subscription version of Excel.

In this Video

  • 0:00 Contents:
  • 0:23 Insert Data from Picture
  • 2:29 TEXTSPLIT Function
  • 4:57 CTRL-SHIFT-V Shortcut
  • 5:29 Recommended PivotTables
  • 6:36 Insert Image from URL
  • 8:26 Search the Menus
  • 9:34 WRAPROWS Function
  • 10:52 Value Preview Tooltip

10 more nice Features from Excel in the past

  1. Dynamic Arrays: This feature allows formulas to automatically spill into adjacent cells, simplifying calculations and reducing the need for copying and pasting.
  2. XLOOKUP: This is a powerful new lookup function that replaces the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions. It allows you to search for a value in a table or range, and then return a corresponding value from another column in the same row.
  3. Improved data types: Excel now has built-in data types that allow you to quickly get information about a wide range of entities, including stocks, geography, and more. You can use these data types to pull in relevant information from the web, such as stock prices or weather data.
  4. Power Query enhancements: Power Query is a tool that allows you to import and transform data from a variety of sources. The latest version of Excel includes several new enhancements to Power Query, including the ability to merge queries and create custom functions.
  5. New chart types: Excel now offers several new chart types, including Waterfall, Funnel, and Map charts. These charts allow you to better visualize data and identify patterns and trends.
  6. Improved collaboration: Excel now allows for real-time collaboration on workbooks, making it easier for teams to work together on projects.
  7. Accessibility improvements: Excel now includes several new features that improve accessibility for users with disabilities. These include improved screen reader support and the ability to use a keyboard to navigate the ribbon.
  8. Funnel charts: A new type of chart that shows the stages of a process, such as sales funnel.
  9. Dynamic arrays: Formulas are automatically extended or shrunk to fit the amount of data being used.
  10. Integration with Power BI: Excel now has improved integration with Power BI, allowing you to easily create and share interactive data visualizations.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft regularly releases updates to Excel, so there may be even more new features available by the time you read this.

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