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How to use Bins and Lists in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI for Beginners
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Sep 7, 2022 12:00 AM

How to use Bins and Lists in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI for Beginners

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In this series we will be walking through the basics of Microsoft Power BI. In this video we will be walking through how to use Bins and Lists in Power BI.

More about this starting with PowerBI

Use grouping and binning in Power BI Desktop (Microsoft)

When Power BI Desktop creates visuals, it aggregates your data into chunks (or groups) based on values found in the underlying data. Often that's fine, but there may be times when you want to refine how those chunks are presented.

Binning and Grouping Data with Power BI

Often when you speak with a DBA about grouping items into specific sets or binning data into certain groups, they will say, "Do it in the presentation layer" and not in your query. Power BI is definitely a great presentation layer, and it contains grouping and binning functionality to support just these sort of requests.

Power BI Binning and Grouping

Binning and Grouping data in Power BI are two great features that assist with data exploration and visualization. These features make ad hoc analysis quick and easy. I will demonstrate how I used both in a recent report I created.

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