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Secrets of Records Management in Microsoft Purview
Jun 19, 2023 5:00 AM

Secrets of Records Management in Microsoft Purview

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In this video, I introduce you to Records Management in Microsoft Purview. Similar to Data Lifecycle management, Records Management deals with the retention

Learn about Learn the Secrets of Records Management in Microsoft Purview!

Microsoft Purview allows you to manage the retention and deletion of data with Records Management. This video will explore the core principles of Records Management, such as File Plans, Records and Regulatory Records, Disposition and more. You will learn when to use Records Management instead of Data Lifecycle Management. Additionally, you will find useful resources to learn more about Records Management and how to get started. Microsoft provides resources such as Learn about Records Management, Get Started with Records Management and Use File Plan to Create and Manage Retention Labels.

Microsoft Purview is a data governance platform developed by Microsoft that helps organizations discover, manage, and govern their data assets across various sources and environments. One of the key capabilities of Microsoft Purview is its records management feature, which enables organizations to effectively manage and control their records throughout their lifecycle.

Records management in Microsoft Purview involves the systematic control of records from creation to disposition. It helps organizations ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, manage risks, and maintain the integrity and accessibility of their records. Here are some key aspects of records management in Microsoft Purview:

  1. Records Classification: Microsoft Purview provides tools to classify records based on predefined or custom metadata. Records can be classified according to their content, context, or purpose, allowing organizations to apply consistent management policies and retention schedules.

  2. Retention and Disposition: Purview offers flexible retention and disposition policies that enable organizations to specify how long records should be retained and when they can be disposed of. These policies can be based on legal, regulatory, or business requirements. Purview automates the enforcement of these policies, ensuring that records are retained for the required duration and disposed of appropriately.

  3. Security and Access Control: Purview allows organizations to set up access controls and permissions to ensure that only authorized individuals can view or modify records. It integrates with Azure Active Directory for user authentication and provides granular access controls to protect sensitive records from unauthorized access.

  4. Audit and Compliance: Purview maintains a comprehensive audit trail of activities related to records management. It tracks actions such as record creation, modification, access, and disposition, providing organizations with a complete record of who did what and when. This audit trail helps organizations demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies.

  5. Search and Discovery: Purview includes powerful search capabilities that enable users to find and retrieve records quickly. It supports full-text search as well as advanced filtering and querying based on metadata. This helps organizations locate specific records or sets of records efficiently, saving time and improving productivity.

  6. Integration with Other Microsoft Services: Microsoft Purview integrates with other Microsoft services and tools, such as Microsoft 365, Azure, and Power Platform. This integration allows organizations to leverage their existing investments in Microsoft technologies and extend the capabilities of Purview across their data ecosystem.

It's important to note that as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Microsoft Purview was still in the preview phase, and additional features and improvements may have been introduced since then. For the most up-to-date information on records management in Microsoft Purview, I recommend visiting the official Microsoft Purview documentation or contacting Microsoft directly.

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