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Build custom HTML forms in Power Pages
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Power Pages
Jul 21, 2023 9:00 AM

Build custom HTML forms in Power Pages

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Power Pages

One of the features of Power Pages is the ability to use a model-driven app Dataverse form as a foundation to build create, edit, and read-only forms on Power P

Power Pages offer the feature to develop custom HTML forms using a model-driven app Dataverse form. Initially, this was a component of the Adxstudio portal product enabling surfacing Dynamics CRM form on a webpage. The form designer in the Data workspace is identical to the one used for model-driven apps. However, it has its share of limitations. It is a WYSIWYG designer but the visual output is a model-driven app version not a Power Pages version. Customization beyond the standard configuration brings challenges.

  • Ability to build custom HTML forms in Power Pages
  • Use model-driven app Dataverse form as a foundation
  • Re-visits the concept from Adxstudio days
  • Dynamics CRM form can be surfaced on a webpage
  • Form designer in Data workspace is similar to model-driven apps
  • Customization beyond a certain point is difficult

About Model-Driven App Dataverse Form in Power Pages

The Model-Driven App Dataverse Form offers foundation for HTML forms in Power Pages, allowing users to create, edit, read-only forms on the websites. However, customization or configuration beyond the standard setup is a drawback. The form designer used is more akin to model-driven apps, thus what you see is a model-driven form. The ultimate output, however, is a Power Pages form.

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Power Pages is a feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that enables users to build custom HTML forms. This feature was originally part of the Adxstudio product, which allowed users to surface Dynamics CRM forms on a webpage. Although this feature is powerful, it has some drawbacks. The form designer in the Data workspace is the same designer used for model-driven apps. This means that while it is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) designer, it is actually a model-driven app version and not a Power Pages version. In order to customize or configure the form beyond the 2 or 3 steps available in the designer, users must understand HTML and JavaScript in order to make the necessary customizations. Additionally, the form must be manually deployed to the Power Pages website. The benefit of Power Pages is that it can be used to quickly create forms and make them available on websites.

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