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Linking Your Project Effectively to Viva Objectives - Ultimate Guide
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Jun 21, 2023 2:00 PM

Linking Your Project Effectively to Viva Objectives - Ultimate Guide

by HubSite 365 about Microsoft

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Maximize OKR tracking with Microsofts Project for the Web and Viva Goals, aligning and updating team objectives for optimal organizational performance.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a popular goal-setting framework that helps organizations align goals across different levels of the organization, track progress, and encourage engagement. It comprises an Objective, which is what is to be achieved, and the Key Results, which are measurable ways to track the progress towards the Objective.
Microsoft's Project for the web is a web-based project management tool designed to be simple and visual, yet powerful enough for heavy project management tasks.
Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform. Viva Goals, one part of the Viva suite, is a tool for tracking personal and team objectives, designed to integrate into the flow of everyday work.
So, to use these two tools for OKR tracking, you might:
Set your OKRs in Viva Goals. This includes high-level organizational objectives, departmental or team objectives, and individual objectives. All of these can be aligned and linked to show how individual and team work contributes to the broader organizational goals.
For each Key Result, create a corresponding project or task in Project for the web. These will likely be complex tasks that require multiple steps, people, or resources.
As work progresses in Project for the web, update the status of the corresponding Key Result in Viva Goals. This could include percent complete, due dates, and any issues or blockers.
Use Viva Goals to review progress on OKRs regularly, such as in team meetings or performance reviews. This can be a single source of truth for how individual, team, and organizational performance is tracking against the set OKRs.
If the progress on a project is not as expected, use the detailed information in Project for the web to understand why and what can be done about it.
Remember, the specifics of how this integration would work and the features available would depend on the actual software design and integration capabilities post 2021. Always refer to the most recent and specific software documentation and guides for the best information.