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Enhance Power BI Dashboards with Button Slicer Tool
Power BI
May 11, 2024 6:26 PM

Enhance Power BI Dashboards with Button Slicer Tool

by HubSite 365 about Reza Rad (RADACAD) [MVP]

Founder | CEO @ RADACAD | Coach | Power BI Consultant | Author | Speaker | Regional Director | MVP

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Unlock Power BIs Potential: Master Button Slicer for Enhanced Reports & Visuals

Key insights


  • Introduction of Button Slicer: The Button Slicer visual for Power BI offers enhanced report layout and visualization capabilities.
  • Preview and Setup: Currently in preview, it can be enabled in Power BI Desktop via Files > Options and Settings > Options, under Preview features.
  • Layout and Shape Customization: Users can adjust the tile layout, shape, and include images or labels to enrich the slicer's visual appearance.
  • Valuable Features: Offers the ability to add an image field and a label field, making it a highly informative visual tool.
  • Versatility and Use Cases: Serves as a fully functional slicer with features like Sync Slicers and Selection Control, suitable for various use cases.

Power BI Button Slicer Tool

The Button Slicer in Power BI is revolutionizing the way users interact with their data visualizations. It seamlessly integrates into Power BI's ecosystem, offering users unparalleled customization and interactive capabilities. This tool not only simplifies the process of slicing data but also brings a visual appeal to reports that engages the audience more effectively. With the ability to include images and labels, it empowers creators to produce more informative and visually appealing reports.

Boosting Visualization with Button Slicer in Power BI

The Button Slicer tool has become an invaluable asset for enhancing report layouts and visualizations in Power BI. Despite its availability for some time, it remains relatively unknown to many users. This visual not only improves the aesthetic appeal of reports but also introduces a higher level of interactivity and functionality.

Enabling the Button Slicer requires accessing the Preview features within Power BI Desktop's options, suggesting its novelty and ongoing development. Once activated, this tool allows for the creation of dynamic, tile-based slicers that can drastically improve report navigation and data interaction.

Key Features and Customization

  • Tile Layout: Offers a grid view presenting data values in a tile format, with customizable columns and rows for optimal layout design.
  • Shape and Image Integration: Allows for the modification of tile shape and the addition of image URLs to data fields, enhancing visual appeal and context.
  • Labeling: Supports the addition of descriptive labels or subtitles beneath the main item names for added clarity and information.

The Button Slicer's versatility extends to its formatting options, enabling users to personalize the visual appearance extensively. From changing the arrangement of tiles to adjusting the shape, everything can be tailored to fit the desired report aesthetic.

Advanced Customization Options

An exciting aspect of the Button Slicer is its ability to handle multiple data fields simultaneously, such as incorporating image URLs and descriptive labels alongside primary data values. This adds a rich layer of information and visual interest to reports.

Furthermore, the Button Slicer also offers various states for interaction, including Default, Hover, Press, and Selected. Each state can have customized formatting settings, providing users with a means to create highly interactive and responsive visual elements in their reports.

Beyond its unique capabilities, the Button Slicer maintains functionality akin to traditional slicers, including features like Sync Slicers and Selection Control. This ensures users can enjoy enhanced visual appeal without sacrificing the core functionalities necessary for effective data analysis.

About Reza Rad

Reza Rad is an esteemed figure in the Microsoft technology sphere, recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for his extensive contributions to the world of data analysis and BI. As a co-founder of RADACAD and an accomplished author, Rad also engages in education and consultancy, sharing his expertise on Power BI and data analytics across multiple platforms including international conferences and his highly informative blog.


Power BI


Power BI - Enhance Power BI Dashboards with Button Slicer Tool


People also ask

"How do you change slicer to buttons in Power BI?"

To switch to the new button slicer, which is currently in preview, navigate through the options by selecting "Options and settings." From there, adjustments can be made to incorporate the button slicer feature.

"How do you apply button slicers in Power BI?"

To apply button slicers in Power BI Desktop, navigate to the Insert ribbon and click on Buttons to display a drop-down menu, where you should choose the "Apply all slicers" option. Similarly, in the Power BI service, initiate by opening the report in Editing view, select Buttons on the top menu bar to access the drop-down menu, then click on the "Apply all slicers" button.

"How do you make a slicer affect a visual?"

To manage the impact of slicers on specific page visuals, one must adjust the slicer settings to control which visuals respond to the selected slicer conditions.

"What is the difference between a filter and a slicer?"

Slicers function as visual interactive filters, enabling users to easily choose certain values, like a specific category or date range, from a provided list. In contrast, filters are applied directly to data to screen it based on set conditions or criteria, such as selecting portions of data that fulfill particular constraints or fall within defined ranges.



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