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Power BI update summary March 2024 -  for busy people
Power BI
Mar 27, 2024 4:04 PM

Power BI update summary March 2024 - for busy people

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Key insights


  • New Updates for Power BI including visual calculations, editing data models in the Power BI Service, and report subscriptions to OneDrive SharePoint.
  • Announcement of Exam DP-600 leading to the Microsoft Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification.
  • Introduction of mobile layout auto-create feature for optimized report layouts in Power BI mobile apps.
  • Shapefile Support in Azure Maps Visual for better integration of spatial data.
  • Enhancements to Dumbbell Bar Chart for improved representation of data, including the Adverse Event Timeline plot.

Exploring the Latest Power BI Updates

The most recent Power BI update introduces a plethora of new features and improvements, aiming to enhance the overall data analysis and report creation experience. Among these, significant attention has been given to visual calculations, allowing users to add and edit calculations directly within the service. This streamlines the process of adjusting reports without needing to return to the desktop application.

Moreover, the launch of the mobile layout auto-create feature marks a substantial advancement in mobile reporting. By simply clicking a button, users can generate mobile-optimized layouts, significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally required. This feature not only simplifies the report-designing process but also ensures that reports are accessible and readable on any device.



Another noteworthy addition is the integration of Shapefile support with Azure Maps Visual. This extension broadens the possibilities for spatial data representation, making it easier for users to overlay their data onto maps and extract meaningful insights. The inclusion of Shapefile support follows the earlier integration of WKT and KML formats, further solidifying Power BI’s capabilities in handling geographic information.

The update also brings improvements to the Dumbbell Bar Chart visual, introducing the ability to display multiple data values in a single row and facilitating more comprehensive data analysis. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for medical and research fields, where visualizing the timeline of events, such as adverse effects in clinical trials, is crucial.

Finally, the introduction of the Exam DP-600 and the availability of Fabric Career Hub underscore Microsoft's commitment to supporting Power BI users in their learning and certification journey. These resources provide a pathway for users to expand their skills and achieve recognition as Fabric Analytics Engineer Associates.




People also ask

Is Power BI being discontinued?

Answer: As of December 31st, 2023, Microsoft retired the Power BI Windows app, ceasing its support.

Is Microsoft replacing Power BI?

Answer: Microsoft is not replacing Power BI with Fabric. Instead, Power BI continues as a critical component of the Fabric ecosystem, allowing users to either keep using Power BI as they always have or integrate the capabilities of Fabric into their data analysis and reporting processes.

How do I update Power BI to the latest version?

Answer: To ensure you're using the latest version of Power BI, users should navigate to the 'About' section to check their current version and its release date, noting that updates are rolled out on a monthly basis.



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