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Creating Date Tables in Power BI Using Power Query
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Sep 28, 2023 3:30 PM

Creating Date Tables in Power BI Using Power Query

by HubSite 365 about How to Power BI

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Master Microsoft Power BI with this in-depth guide on creating a dynamic and flexible date table using Power Querys M language.

Learn about DATE TABLE for Power BI using Power Query

The blog post delves into creating a dynamic date table using Power Query's M language, specifically for Power BI. The detailed post breaks down the process of generating a date series and creating columns, moving from basic to more advanced techniques, such as creating custom columns and making the table start or end dynamically.

Key points addressed in the post:

  • The purpose of a date table in Power BI.
  • Guiding steps to add parameters.
  • Creation of a list of dates, with different methods illustrated thoroughly.
  • Instructions on adding columns to the date table.
  • Exploration of the idea of creating a dynamic date table.
  • Providing access to a free date table script for download.

To understand and execute the steps outlined better, interested readers may find it helpful to take courses involving Power BI and Power Query. They should consider getting certification in Microsoft Power BI for better job prospects. They can also explore specific courses on M Language for a more practised understanding of Power BI.

The post also offers a link to a complete guide on creating a date table or calendar in Power Query M. This may assist readers who prefer more visual, step-by-step tutorials.

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