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Top 5 FREE Custom Power BI Visuals
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Mar 13, 2023 8:00 AM

Top 5 FREE Custom Power BI Visuals

by HubSite 365 about Pragmatic Works

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In this video, Allison goes over her top five favorite FREE Custom Power BI Visuals that are all also Power BI certified.

In this video, Allison goes over her top five favorite FREE Custom Power BI Visuals that are all also Power BI certified. She walks through the process of accessing custom visuals from inside of Power BI and using them in reports.

Visuals covered: Play Axis Dynamic Slicer, Chiclet Slicer, Infographic Designer, Custom Calendar by Akvelon, Advanced Card, Aquarium Visual.

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Custom Power BI Visuals are tools that enable users to turn their data into more meaningful and visually appealing representations. These visuals can be used to create custom dashboards and reports, allowing users to quickly and easily analyze their data. They also enable users to drill down into their data to gain deeper insights.

Custom Power BI Visuals include Power KPI, Chiclet Slicer, Advanced Filter, Gantt Chart, and Funnel Chart. Power KPI is a visual that allows users to measure their performance against key performance indicators. Chiclet Slicer allows users to filter data by multiple values. Advanced Filter enables users to filter data by custom values. Gantt Chart helps users visualize project progress and timelines. Finally, Funnel Chart allows users to visualize data in a step-by-step fashion.

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