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Fabric Warehouse & SQL Endpoint: Guide to Row-Level Security
Microsoft Fabric
Oct 10, 2023 12:30 PM

Fabric Warehouse & SQL Endpoint: Guide to Row-Level Security

by HubSite 365 about Azure Synapse Analytics

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Unlock robust security with the new Row-Level feature in Fabric Warehouse & SQL Endpoint by Microsoft.

Welcome to another installment in the Fabric Espresso Warehouse series. We are excited about introducing a new feature: Row-Level security in the Fabric Warehouse and SQL Endpoint. This security feature is designed to increase the level of security in managing data row access.

  • "Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure"
  • "Implementing a Fabric Warehouse"
  • "Understanding SQL Server 2023"
  • "Understanding Row-Level Security (RLS)"
  • "Fabric and Data Security"

Row-Level Security (RLS for short) introduces a dynamic way of managing access to database rows. The system allows you to control access to rows using perimeters such as group membership or context of execution. This makes it both versatile and reliable in controlling who gets to access specific data rows.



RLS simplifies the process of designing and coding security into your applications. The feature is handy in implementing restrictions on data row access, creating a more reliable and robust security system. For instance, where an organization wishes to ensure members of a department only access data related to their department, RLS comes in handy.

Another application of RLS is in customer data management. The feature can restrict customers' data access to only the data pertinent to their company. In this instance, companies can be rest assured customer data access is confined strictly to relevant data.

We now switch gears to talk about the speakers in the video. Stijn Wynants is a Senior Product Manager working for Fabric Warehouse, while the host of this episode is Filip Popovic who is also a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft and a member of the Fabric Product Group.

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Row-Level security in SQL Endpoint

The YouTube video revolves around the topic of implementing Row-Level Security (RLS) in a Fabric Warehouse and SQL Endpoint setup. To delve deeper into understanding and applying this subject matter, multiple strategic learning paths may be followed, which are presented hereunder.

The first recommended course to start with is "Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure." This will provide you with extensive knowledge about Azure services like Azure Data Store, that make your data more accessible. A clear understanding of Azure data technologies is essential before delving deeper into data security issues.

Next, take up the course on "Implementing a Fabric Warehouse." This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the Fabric Warehouse system and aid in understanding how to manage and operate within this system. This course will cover building and modifying fabric warehouse environments, which will be useful in understanding Row-Level Security.


Continue with "Understanding SQL Server 2023." This course elaborates on managing and analyzing data with SQL Server 2023. Learn how to manipulate data for analysis and understand more sophisticated topics like advanced queries and scripts, thus effectively preparing you to learn more about row-level security in SQL.

Subsequently, the "Understanding Row-Level Security (RLS)" course will give an in-depth understanding of what RLS is, why it's important, and how to implement it. It covers strategies for restricting data row access, thereby enhancing the security of departmental and customer data.

Lastly, enroll in "Fabric and Data Security," which is part of the Microsoft Learn pathways. This course will yield insights into keeping your data secure in fabric locations, ensuring robust and reliable security systems, and optimizing access restrictions.

In this digital era, learning continuously through various courses will enhance your skills and keep you abreast of latest trends and practices. Training will provide you with information directly from the product experts. You might also want to join a professional network, where you can meet and exchange knowledge with other professionals.

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