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Hidden Features of Power BI Desktop
Power BI
Oct 9, 2023 11:00 AM

Hidden Features of Power BI Desktop

by HubSite 365 about Guy in a Cube

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Unlock Hidden Power BI Desktop Features: Learn to Extract Untappd Data for Interactive Dashboard Creation

Guidelines to Unlock the Untapped Settings in Power BI

"Guy in a Cube," an experienced author, shares a tutorial about the potential of Power BI Desktop utilisation through a captivating YouTube video. Specifically, the author aims to educate viewers on crafting an interactive dashboard using Untappd data.

Untappd is a social media app aimed at beer enthusiasts for rating and finding beers. It is not necessary to be a supporter of Untappd to follow through this guide.

The guide is an extensive step-by-step method for managing and interpreting Untappd data using Power BI, with thorough instructions from fetching data to visualising it.


Sourcing the data

To start with, the author explains how to access personal data from the Untappd platform. The primary task is to log in to the account and gather all the data concerning beers. The whole process may depend on the number of check-ins you hold.

Essentially, once you've retrieved all your data, you are required to safeguard it as an HTML page. It’s vital to note the path of the file saved for later retrieval.

Structuring Data for Visualizations

Once the data has been obtained, the next step involves structuring the data before it can be utilised for visuals. The author outlines the methods of getting data into Power BI Desktop, unveiling practical ways of shaping the data to yield viable outputs.

One essential factor put across by the author is to ensure that the data is saved in its processed state, enabling future repeat processes to be swift and efficient. The process involves renaming and removing unnecessary columns, and replacing values in relevant columns.

To make data viable for calculations, some columns require special handling. For instance, the alcohol percentage columns need the removal of the symbols and conversion of the numbers to decimals. It’s crucial that these transformations are followed precisely to maintain dataset coherency.

Data Visualisation and Insights Generation

Having successfully gathered and shaped the data, the tutorial transitions to creating fascinating visuals and digestible insights. The author demonstrates the construction of three unique visuals, allowing insights into check-ins by day, favorite breweries, and the average alcohol percentage.

First, the checks-ins by year, month, and day are illustrated through a stacked column chart. The brewery data is also produced into a stacked bar chart revealing user’s favourite breweries. Lastly, a simple card displays the average alcohol percentage.

Overall, the video provides a comprehensive walk-through of building an interactive dashboard using Untappd data on Power BI. The structured insights produced would assist any beer enthusiast in keeping track of their beer-drinking habits with convenience.

Further General Insights on Power BI

Power BI has a profound capacity in conducting data analytics and generating reports. As it caters to non-technical users, it has the capabilities to connect and visualize your data either dashboards or reports. Notably, Power BI can connect with multiple varied data sources, and offers advanced data shaping and modeling features. Hence, it can act as one-stop solution for individuals or businesses requiring regular data insights.


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