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Power Platform Advisor Now Available for All Users
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Power Platform
Apr 16, 2024 7:00 AM

Power Platform Advisor Now Available for All Users

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Maximize your Power Platform efficiency with the new Power Platform Advisor - now generally available!

Key insights




  • Power Platform Advisor is now generally available, providing personalized recommendations to enhance security, operational efficiency, and overall health of your Power Platform tenant.
  • It utilizes data from all Managed Environments within a Power Platform tenant to deliver custom suggestions for improvement.
  • During its preview, the Advisor was used by hundreds of customers to optimize thousands of apps, receiving positive feedback for its innovative approach to platform governance.
  • Customers like Provoke Solutions and The Chemours Company highlighted its significant impact on managing and governing the Power Platform, emphasizing its role in enhancing efficiency and security.
  • Microsoft plans to introduce additional recommendations for the Advisor, continually improving its capabilities based on user feedback and governance needs.

Enhancing Power Platform Governance with Power Platform Advisor

The introduction of the Power Platform Advisor marks a significant step in the evolution of Power Platform governance. As a tool designed for administrators, it leverages the detailed analysis of Managed Environments within a tenant to provide targeted recommendations. These suggestions are aimed at improving not just security and operational efficiency, but also the hygiene and overall health of the platform. The Advisor stands out for its personalized approach, ensuring that each tenant receives advice tailored specifically to its unique concerns and usage patterns.

“At Provoke Solutions, we’re thrilled about the transformative impact of the Power Platform Advisor offering. This advancement marks a significant leap, enabling our global customer base to manage and govern the Power Platform on an unprecedented scale. With the introduction of the automation options and recommendations, we’re not just boosting efficiency; we’re enabling a Power Platform administrator to deliver on the promise of delivering a well governed environment to their organization. The Advisor is a testament to the potential of innovative technology to redefine platform management and governance, promising to be a game changer for our customers.”

– Brendon Ford, COO, Provoke Solutions

Feedback from early users like Provoke Solutions and The Chemours Company underscores the transformative potential of Power Platform Advisor. By automating the governance process, it allows for unprecedented scale and efficiency in managing the Power Platform. This not only improves the management of applications and data but also significantly enhances security measures. With Microsoft's commitment to continuously refining the Advisor based on user feedback, the future of Power Platform governance looks promising. The ongoing development strategy guarantees that administrators will have access to an ever-improving suite of tools to govern their Power Platform environments effectively.

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Power Platform - Power Platform Advisor Now Available for All Users


Power Platform Advisor is now officially available. We are excited to share that it serves as a personalized guide, offering recommendations to optimize your Power Platform tenant. It reviews resources across Managed Environments to improve security, efficiency, and overall system health.

For comprehensive details, documentation is provided without external links for reference. During its preview, Microsoft has seen substantial usage by customers, who have optimized thousands of apps and provided positive feedback.

Quotes from customers like Provoke Solutions and The Chemours Company illustrate the beneficial impact of the advisor on governance and efficiency. It demonstrates the broad potential for altering how the Power Platform is managed and governed.

Looking Forward with Power Platform Advisor

As we progress, Power Platform and Environment admins can anticipate more recommendations from the Advisor. This initiative is part of ongoing improvements based on user feedback and needs. We encourage users to share their experiences to further refine and enhance the tool. Together, we aim to improve governance and optimize the performance of the Power Platform ecosystem.

Expanding the Horizons of Power Platform Governance

The introduction of the Power Platform Advisor marks a remarkable point in the evolution of digital governance tools. Aimed at enhancing the management and efficiency of Power Platform tenants, this tool promises to simplify the intricacies of platform administration. By providing personalized recommendations, it assists in proliferating secure, efficient, and healthy digital environments.

With a focus on analyzing resources within Managed Environments, the Advisor empowers administrators to pinpoint areas needing improvement. From security enhancements to operational efficiency, its tailored advice bridges the gap between potential and performance. As organizations seek to scale and adapt to changing business needs, such tools become indispensable allies.

The adoption stories from companies like Provoke Solutions and The Chemours Company underscore the significant value the Advisor brings. Whether it's identifying orphaned applications or streamlining governance processes, the impact is palpable. It's more than a tool; it's a transformative force for businesses worldwide.

Looking ahead, the evolution of the Advisor, fueled by user feedback and continuous enhancements, paints a promising future for Power Platform governance. As the landscape of digital solutions grows more complex, tools like the Power Platform Advisor illuminate the path to streamlined, effective management. For organizations committed to excellence in digital governance, embracing such innovations is not just an option; it's a necessity.



People also ask

What is the Power Platform admin advisor?

As a Microsoft expert, I would explain that the Power Platform Admin Advisor acts as a personalized guide offering tailored recommendations to fine-tune your Power Platform tenant's performance. It conducts a comprehensive analysis across all Managed Environments and their apps, proposing actionable insights to improve security, reliability, and the tenant's general wellbeing.

Are Power Platform developers in demand?

Indeed, the career prospects for Power Platform developers are expanding as the demand for skilled professionals in this domain grows steadily.

How many people use Microsoft Power Platform?

As of January 2024, Microsoft Power Platform boasts a significant user base, with 33 million monthly active users, reflecting a 50% year-over-year growth. Furthermore, it is leveraged by over 350,000 organizations monthly for automating their processes.

What are the 4 components of Power Platform?

The Power Platform encompasses four primary components designed to enhance business functionality: Power BI, a tool for data analysis; Power Apps, offering a low-code environment for app development; Power Pages, enabling simple construction of secure, low-code business websites; and Power Automate, along with Power Virtual Agents, both aimed at streamlining operations and enhancing customer engagement.



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