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Power Platform Launches Smart License Assignment Feature
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Power Platform
Apr 14, 2024 12:10 AM

Power Platform Launches Smart License Assignment Feature

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Boost Power Platform efficiency with the new Intelligent License Assignment feature!

Key insights

Power Platform - Power Platform Launches Smart License Assignment Feature


  • Intelligent License Assignment feature is now available in the Power Platform Admin Center enabling administrators to make smarter decisions on license assignments.
  • Recommendations for users to receive Power Apps premium licenses are refreshed every 30 days, targeting those with basic licenses, active trials, or license requests.
  • Administrators can filter recommendations based on criteria like trial usage and can exclude users as needed from the recommended list.
  • License assignment can be direct or via security groups, with the limitation that admins can only assign licenses to groups they own.
  • The Power Platform team encourages feedback to improve the license assignment feature, underscoring the value of user input in the development process.

Understanding Intelligent License Assignment in Power Platform

The Power Platform's introduction of Intelligent License Assignment marks a significant step towards enhancing administrative efficiency and license management within organizations. This innovative feature leverages intelligent recommendations to help administrators identify which users could benefit most from a Power Apps premium license.

Intelligent License Assignment in the Power Platform is now available. Intelligent recommendations will provide an admin with user recommendations. These recommendations identify who in their organization would benefit from a Power Apps premium license.

This feature is now accessible in the Power Platform Admin Center. It grants admins the ability to assign licenses directly and via security groups. It's aimed at enhancing organizational efficiency by utilizing Intelligent Recommendations for license assignment.

Recommendations are based on usage within the organization. They will be updated every 30 days. This will include users with Basic Power Apps licenses, those on active trials, or those who have requested a license.

By analyzing usage patterns and requests, it offers a streamlined approach to optimizing license allocations every 30 days. The ability to filter these recommendations and assign licenses either directly or through security groups adds a layer of flexibility, ensuring administrators can tailor license distribution to the specific needs of their organization. As Microsoft continues to refine this capability, input from users plays a crucial role in shaping its evolution, demonstrating a commitment to responsiveness and continuous improvement in the Power Platform ecosystem.


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People also ask

Questions and Answers about Power Platform

"How do I assign a power platform license?"

To provision a license for the Power Platform, follow the designated steps. This process involves assigning the license directly to the user through your organization's admin center.

"How do I know if I have Power Automate license?"

To ascertain the presence of a Power Automate license within your organization, navigate to the Power Automate Admin Center. Within the “Environments” tab, select your intended environment. Moving to the “Settings” and subsequently to “Resources”, presents you with the details of your Power Automate license, encompassing its variety and validity period.

"What is the difference between power apps and Power Automate license?"

Power Apps and Power Automate licenses offer distinct functionalities. With a Power Apps license, incorporation of Power Automate's capabilities is a given, on the condition that the automated flows are aligned with the app’s context— particularly with matching data sources. On the contrary, employing Power Automate features outside the app’s scope necessitates a separate Power Automate license.

"How do I assign a Power Automate process license?"

To distribute a license specific to Power Automate Process (formerly known as Power Automate process flow), it's required to allocate the process plan capacity to a designated environment within your setup.



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