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Power Platform Prompt Samples Library: Comprehensive Guide
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Sep 15, 2022 6:00 AM

Power Platform Prompt Samples Library: Comprehensive Guide

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Explore Microsofts new Power Platform Prompt Samples Library! Unlock GPT-powered creativity for your projects!

Revolutionizing Power Platform with GPT-powered Prompt Samples Library

We proudly announce the successful launch of the innovative Power Platform Prompt Samples Library. Located on Github, this library promises to redefine your experiences with the Power Platform, all thanks to the integration of Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) models.

The new library is worth looking forward to because it encourages innovation and promotes creative exploration, thereby enabling your platforms to reach new heights. Get ready to set your creativity in motion!

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Understanding Prompts and GPT

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a tool that generates text-based results based on the input given? This is where prompts come in. They are pieces of text or questions provided to an AI model to stimulate a response or produce more text.

Consequently, GPT is an AI model that serves as a virtual creative partner. It's trained extensively with a considerable amount of text from the internet, resulting in mastering human language. It generates remarkably coherent and relevant responses, assisting you in ideation, coding, or crafting emails.

Need for a Platform Prompt Samples Library?

The Power Platform Prompt Samples Library is an invention with purpose. It serves as a reservoir of ideas, examples, and prompts for those keen on integrating GPT-based experiences in their power platforms. Be it using Azure OpenAI model in AI Builder, dynamic app copilot, or any GPT-feature, this library is sure to fuel your creativity.

As you delve deeper into the repository, you will discover various prompt samples spanning multiple use cases, industries, and scenarios. It's like a boost for your imagination, generating fresh ideas, and helping you initiate impressive projects, thereby enhancing your Power Platforms in ways never imagined before.

Using the Prompt Samples

Using the Power Platforms Prompt Samples Repository is simple. Just drop by our GitHub repository and find a meticulously curated collection of prompts at your disposal. Every prompt sample features clear instructions on its deployment, ensuring a hassle-free experience for platform integration.

You have the provision to explore and experiment with different prompts. Feel free to modify, merge, or even create your unique prompts according to specific needs. There's no end to possibilities, and we are eager to see the incredible solutions you come up with using these samples.

Time to Contribute!

This initiative is community-driven, calling all creative minds to contribute their unique prompt samples. Let's work together to push the limits of what is possible with dynamic platforms and GPT, sparking creative ignition, unlocking new possibilities, and making dreams come alive.

Visit our GitHub repository, delve into our samples, contribute today, and become a part of this tech revolution.

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Power Apps - Power Platform Prompt Samples Library: Comprehensive Guide

Learn about Power Platform Prompt Samples library

On May 16th, 2023, we initiated a brand-new service - a library featuring samples of power platform prompts and it is available on Github.

The purpose of this library is to flaunt a wide range of prompts that could scale up your user experience on Power Platform employing GPT models. It's time to let your imagination take the reins and help your Power Platform projects progress.

We are left with the question - what exactly are prompts and GPT?

Now imagine a tool so advanced that has the capability of producing text according to input you feed it. This is where prompts come into the scene. A prompt can be a mere piece of text or a question that you submit to an AI model to get a response or produce additional text.

The AI model conversed here is referred to as GPT, silently standing for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. GPT acts as a virtual creative collaborator that is nourished with a humongous amount of text from the internet. It is acclimatized to understand human language and can fabricate replies that are surprisingly coherent and applicable. It almost feels as if you are interacting with a highly intelligent companion that aids you in creating novel ideas, programming, or even writing emails!

The reasoning behind having a library of samples of Power Platform prompts becomes evident when you see how it can act as a source of new ideas and examples for those who wish to take advantage of the capabilities of GPT-based experiences on Power Platform. Be it utilizing the Azure OpenAI model in AI Builder, apps or other features powered by GPT's, this library is here to ignite your creativity and provide a head start.

When you delve into this library, you will find an array of prompt samples that cover different industries, use cases, and scenarios. These sample prompts are fuel to the imagination - they spawn fresh ideas and act as catalysts for your own personal projects. Every prompt allows the opportunity to access GPT's broad understanding of language, thereby revolutionizing your Power Platform solutions

The process of using these prompt samples is pretty straightforward. Simply visit our GitHub repository where you will find a carefully selected collection of prompts ready for use. Each prompt sample comes with clear and concise instructions, allowing for easy integration into your applications on Power Platform.

The Power Platform Prompts Sample Repository is a community-supported initiative, and fans of the platform are encouraged to contribute their own samples. We invite you to explore the prompts, combine them or even create your own tailor-made prompts. The possibilities are unlimited and we look forward to celebrating the remarkable solutions you will build using these prompts.

Let's work together to test the limits of Power Platform and GPT. Ignite your creativity, reveal hidden opportunities and bring those ideas to the fore. Visit our Github, explore our samples, and contribute now at

If you are keen on increasing your understanding about prompts and the science behind it, we recommend reading this enlightening blog post by the .NET team on prompt engineering.

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