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Power Fx Contains (IN Operator) Function Guide: Power Apps, PVA, Dataverse
Power Apps
Sep 20, 2023 7:00 AM

Power Fx Contains (IN Operator) Function Guide: Power Apps, PVA, Dataverse

by HubSite 365 about Joe Unwin [MVP] (FlowJoe)

Power Platform Lead @ Hitachi | FTRSA, MVP & MCT

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Master the IN Operator expression in Power Fx with our Microsoft expert and leverage Power Apps and PVA effectively!

In the video, Microsoft MVP FlowJoe introduces the 'Contains (IN Operator) Function / Expression' used in Power Fx, Power Apps, PVA, and Dataverse. This video focuses on how to utilize the 'Contains' function, which becomes essential when working with data, whether it's strings or data source.

This function checks whether specific information is present within the data spectrum, providing users the capability to write their own 'contains' statements using the 'IN' operator in Power Fx. A demonstration using Power Apps is displayed in the video, explaining that its use is similar over any platform where Power Fx is in use.

The video includes some sample demo codes such as:

  • 'Text Search: If( Slider1.Value = 10, "ResultTrue" )'
  • 'Data Search: Filter ( NameTable, "Joe" in Name )'

FlowJoe goes more in-depth into the topic, providing an overview on Text Based and Data Based 'Contains.'

Chapter timestamps mentioned are as follows:

  • 00:00 - Introduction to the lack of 'Contains' Function
  • 00:22 - Explanation of 'The IN Operator'
  • 00:36 - Overview on 'Text Based Contains'
  • 02:03 - Overview on 'Data Based Contains'
  • 03:37 - Demonstration on 'Text Contains'
  • 06:51 - Demonstration on 'Data Contains'
  • 12:22 - Outro

Deeper Dive into Power Fx 'Contains (IN Operator)' Feature

The 'Contains (IN Operator)' feature in Power Fx revolutionizes data handling in Power Apps and related platforms. Functioning as a filter, it allows users to simplify and enhance their search within a data string or source. As demonstrated by FlowJoe, the common applicability across platforms makes learning this function a tremendous asset in your Power Fx toolkit. Through user-friendly demonstrations, this video brilliantly encapsulates the essence and utility of the 'Contains' function, effectively simplifying the complex world of Power Fx.

Learn about Contains (IN Operator) Function / Expression | Power Fx - Power Apps - PVA - Dataverse

The video focuses on the Contains (IN Operator) function in the Power Fx language utilized within the Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents (PVA), and Dataverse platforms. Here, the speaker reveals how this function is designed to check if a particular string or data source contains a specific item. There is a demonstration using Power Apps, although the usage remains the same across all platforms where Power Fx is implemented.

The video is structured in different sections:

  • Introduction to the fact that there is no Contains function.
  • Overview of the IN operator.
  • Overview of tex-based Contains.
  • Demonstration of text-based Contains function
  • Demonstration of data-based Contains function.
  • Closing segment known as the Outro.

To learn more about this topic and build a deeper understanding of the Contains function in Power Fx, further training opportunities include:

  • Exploring more YouTube tutorials on Power Fx.
  • Visiting the speaker's website ( which offers more resources on Power Platform and Power Fx.
  • Engaging in online courses on platforms like Coursera or Udemy that provide lessons on Microsoft Power Platform and Power Fx.
  • Participation in Microsoft's own learning and certification programs specifically focusing on Power Apps, PVA, and Power Fx.
  • Joining related community forums can also contribute significantly to learning as one can follow discussions or ask questions about the topic.

All in all, the video serves as an excellent resource for individuals looking to master the Contains function, especially within the Power Platform's context.


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