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Power Platform new Pipelines Features (GA)
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Microsoft Dataverse
May 1, 2024 1:28 AM

Power Platform new Pipelines Features (GA)

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Unlock Healthy ALM: Embrace the Power of Pipelines for All, Now GA with Exciting Upgrades!

Key insights


  • Pipelines for All is now Generally Available (GA), offering upgrades like adding a stage and allowing pipeline reuse across development environments.
  • Enhancements allow makers and admins more control, enabling them to customize pipelines, add stages, or reuse pipelines in different environments.
  • Force Link action enables admins to promptly resolve cross-host environment association errors by moving environments between pipeline hosts.
  • Deployment Pipeline Configuration app permits admins to manage settings, including the ability to redeploy previous solution versions.
  • Microsoft’s focus is on democratizing ALM, providing an easy start for makers without extra privileges, hassles, or conflicts with existing pipelines.

Deep Dive into Pipelines for All

Pipelines for All are now Generally Available (GA). If you haven't already heard, Power Platform is on a mission to make Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) accessible to all by removing the need for manual setup. 

This development means that both creators and administrators now have greater flexibility in managing their development pipelines. They can now customize pipelines to fit their unique needs, such as:

  • Adding a stage to their pipeline
  • Reusing a pipeline in a different development environment
  • Using the Force Link action for managing environment associations across pipeline hosts

Furthermore, the introduction of new capabilities like the Force Link action showcases Microsoft's commitment to streamlining the ALM process. This particular feature addresses the challenge of environment association errors across pipeline hosts, facilitating more seamless transitions and operational efficiency. Admins also benefit from granular control over deployment settings and the ability to manage pipeline configurations effectively.

One of the core principles behind the development of Pipelines for All is the understanding that ALM is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Microsoft has designed these pipelines to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring they can meet the diverse needs of the Power Platform community. The company continues to work on governance features that will enhance the management of personal pipelines and scale operations more effectively. As updates continue to roll out, Microsoft's excitement is matched by the users who stand to benefit from these advancements in personal and organizational productivity.

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