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Step-by-Step Guide: Integrate MS Forms with SharePoint
Power Automate
Apr 23, 2024 4:28 PM

Step-by-Step Guide: Integrate MS Forms with SharePoint

by HubSite 365 about Pragmatic Works

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Boost productivity: Easily create SharePoint lists with Forms & Power Automate. Perfect for educators!

Key insights


  • Microsoft Forms and Power Automate can be used to easily create SharePoint list records, making it especially beneficial for educators to collect and manage data such as student feedback, assignments, or attendance.
  • With Microsoft Forms, users can design custom forms featuring multiple question types like multiple choice, text entries, or rating scales.
  • Power Automate simplifies the process by automatically creating SharePoint list records from form submissions, which saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Users have the option to further customize the flow by adding actions like sending email notifications or updating Excel spreadsheets.
  • Pragmatic Works offers a variety of on-demand learning and training opportunities for those wanting to deepen their knowledge of Microsoft products, including a discount for on-demand learning.

Enhancing Productivity with Microsoft Forms and Power Automate

Microsoft Forms and Power Automate stand out as powerful tools for anyone looking to streamline data collection and management processes, specifically within the educational domain. The combination allows for the creation of dynamic forms that can capture essential information such as student feedback, attendance, and assignments. The true efficiency is realized when these form submissions automatically translate into SharePoint list records, minimizing manual data entry and organization efforts.


Customizing these processes further enhances their utility. Whether it involves sending out immediate email acknowledgments upon form submission or integrating results into existing Excel spreadsheets for more comprehensive analysis, Microsoft's ecosystem enables these complex workflows to be simplified.

This not only facilitates a more organized approach to handling data but also allows educators and other professionals to focus more on analysis and action based on the collected data rather than on its collection and initial processing. Power Automate’s ability to connect with other Microsoft services amplifies the benefits, seamlessly integrating within the broader suite of productivity tools.

Furthermore, with offerings from Pragmatic Works, those interested in expanding their skills in these areas have access to a wealth of resources. From on-demand learning modules that offer flexibility to fit any schedule, to more structured training options, the opportunity to enhance one's proficiency in Microsoft's suite of productivity tools has never been more accessible.


In a comprehensive tutorial by Pragmatic Works, viewers are taught how to efficiently use Microsoft Forms and Power Automate for creating SharePoint list records. This process is invaluable for educators and professionals alike, simplifying the collection and organization of diverse data sets such as student feedback, assignments, and attendance records. Through Microsoft Forms, users can craft custom forms featuring a variety of question types including multiple-choice, text entries, and rating scales.

Once these forms are submitted, Power Automate steps in to automate the creation of SharePoint list records with the collected data. This automation significantly cuts down on manual data entry and processing time. Moreover, viewers are shown how to enhance their workflows by adding additional actions like sending email notifications or updating Excel spreadsheets. The video emphasizes the flexibility and efficiency of using these Microsoft tools in tandem for data management.

The video also delves into the further educational opportunities Pragmatic Works offers, though specific promotional details are omitted here. The mention of resources like On-Demand Learning plans, Boot Camps, Hackathons, and more indicates a wealth of learning opportunities available for those looking to deepen their expertise in Microsoft products. The emphasis on continuous learning and professional development is clear, and while direct links and promotional content are not provided, the mention of these resources underscores their potential value to viewers.



Power Automate - Step-by-Step Guide: Integrate MS Forms with SharePoint


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Answer: "For the purpose of preserving responses from Microsoft Forms in SharePoint Lists."

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