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Power Platform and Environments - Easier navigation
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Power Platform
Sep 21, 2023 9:00 AM

Power Platform and Environments - Easier navigation

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Navigate easily with Power Platform & Environments upgraded interface, ensuring efficient role-based isolation.

Microsoft recently published a blog post announcing updates made to enhance navigation across Power Platform and Environments. The Power Platform, known for its broad functionality, is frequently used by customers for building automations, applications, chatbots, pages, and more. One exciting feature that it offers is Environments - which provides roles-based isolation enabling customers to scale with confidence.

However, as the functionality and complexity of the platform has increased, so has the need for improved navigation. Responding to customer feedback, Microsoft has implemented a simplified navigational pane on the left to ease transition between the different capabilities the platform provides. Furthermore, there has been a revamp of the environment selection experience, making it more informative for users.

"As Power Platform has grown in functionality, customers frequently navigate between capabilities across the Platform for building automations, applications, chatbots, pages, and more. We are also seeing customers benefit from the Environments within Power Platform, that gives them roles-based isolation to scale with confidence. Based on your feedback, we’ve made it easier than ever to navigate with a simplified left navigation pane and a more informative environment selection experience. "


Power Platform and Environments Navigation

Microsoft’s Power Platform offers an expansive range of possibilities for organizations looking to automate tasks, build applications, create chatbots, design pages, and much more. This richness in functionality, however, can sometimes make navigation a challenge for users, especially those working across different sections of the platform.

The introduction of Environments, which gives users the ability to isolate their tasks based on roles, has further added to the need for a more streamlined navigation system. This feature is particularly beneficial in large-scale projects, where different team members may require access to different areas of the platform based on their roles.

To ensure that users can navigate the platform with ease and efficiency, Microsoft has taken steps to simplify and enhance the navigation system. Now, users can expect a more simplified navigation pane on the left side of the screen, making it quicker and easier to switch between different functionalities.



In addition, Microsoft has improved the environment selection process, based on user feedback. This enhancement aims to make it easier for users to select the appropriate environment for their tasks, providing them with a better understanding and ultimately allowing them to scale their projects with confidence.

These improvements to the Power Platform navigation system are a testament to Microsoft's commitment to constantly improving user experience, providing more user-friendly tools that enable organizations to leverage the full benefits of the platform.

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Learn about Easier navigation across Power Platform and Environments

Microsoft's Power Platform has been significantly developed in terms of functionality. Users are now able to more efficiently build automations, applications, chatbots, pages, and more, navigating seamlessly between these capabilities. The company has also observed the benefits users experience from the role-based isolation provided by Power Platform Environments, which give them the confidence to scale.

This was built on the feedback of the users, resulting in a much simpler left navigation pane and an enhanced, more informative environment selection experience. The Power Platform and its environments have been refined to provide an easier, more user-friendly experience.

  • To become more proficient in the Power Platform, it advisable to undertake targeted training courses. Microsoft offers Power Platform Fundamentals course, an introductory course covering a broad range of the platform's capabilities.
  • For a more tailored understanding focusing on PowerApps, one can opt for the PowerApps training course also offered by Microsoft. Similarly, there are specific courses for Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents as well.
  • Microsoft Learn is another resource to dive deeper into Power Platform. It offers a variety of learning paths and modules, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs.
  • Community-led events, webinars, and user groups are additional invaluable resources for learning more about Power Platform and its environments. This offers an opportunity to engage with and learn from experienced users and experts in the field.

Easier navigation and role-based isolation within Power Platform are realized benefits for users, and observing these changes can further help in understanding how the platform is evolving to suit user needs.


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