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PowerApp: New Video Learning Boost Launched in Power Up Program
Power Platform
Apr 28, 2024 10:02 PM

PowerApp: New Video Learning Boost Launched in Power Up Program

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Discover new Microsoft Power Up Program video curriculum with MVP insights. Enhance your low-code skills! #PowerPlatform #LowCodeDevelopment

Key insights


  • Microsoft's Power Up Program introduces a new video-based learning curriculum.
  • Dimpi Gandhi, Principal Program Manager, shares insights into the program's latest enhancements.
  • The curriculum is designed with the expertise of Microsoft MVPs, Rory Neary and Charlie Phipps.
  • It focuses on accelerating learning in the field of low-code development.
  • Interested parties are invited to sign up for updates on upcoming features and enhancements.

Enhancing Low-Code Development Through Video-Based Learning

The Power Up Program by Microsoft represents a significant leap towards democratizing software development, specifically within the low-code arena. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of recognized Microsoft MVPs like Rory Neary and Charlie Phipps, the program aims to equip learners with cutting-edge skills in a highly effective manner. Video-based learning, as introduced in the new curriculum, aligns perfectly with the evolving needs and preferences of learners, offering them flexibility and direct insights from industry experts.

This innovative approach not only accelerates the learning curve for aspiring developers but also strengthens the community by providing a platform for shared knowledge and experiences. It embodies Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to empowering individuals with the tools and know-how to innovate and solve problems through technology. As low-code development continues to grow in importance, initiatives like the Power Up Program are pivotal in ensuring a skilled and dynamic workforce is ready to meet the demands of the future.

Accelerated Learning Through Videos
The Power Up Program now includes an accelerated, video-based learning path. This innovative approach leverages the expertise of seasoned Microsoft MVPs. It’s designed to provide learners with an engaging and efficient method to grasp the concepts of Power Platform and low-code development.

Expertise of Microsoft MVPs
Rory Neary and Charlie Phipps, both Microsoft MVPs, have contributed significantly to the new curriculum. Their in-depth knowledge and practical insights are now accessible through this video-based format. This collaboration underscores the program’s commitment to offering authoritative and effective learning resources.

Join the Learning Community
For those eager to stay ahead of the curve with the latest updates and enhancements in the Power Up Program, a sign-up option is available. This initiative is part of Microsoft's broader efforts to empower users with low-code development tools, facilitating easier and more efficient problem-solving through technology.


Developer Tools - New Video Learning Boost Launched in Power Up Program


People also ask

Is the Microsoft Power Up program legit?

The Microsoft Power Up Program, introduced in 2022, is indeed legitimate. It's designed as a self-paced educational program aimed at empowering non-technical professionals with valuable skills through the Microsoft Power Platform. The program offers a comprehensive, video-based curriculum over a period of seven weeks.

What happens after the Microsoft Power Up program?

Participants who successfully complete the Microsoft Power Up program are rewarded with a voucher. This voucher can be utilized to register for a certification exam specific to the Microsoft Power Platform, marking a significant step towards validating their newly acquired skills.

What does the Microsoft Power Up program entail?

The Microsoft Power Up Program is crafted as a zero-cost upskilling initiative targeting individuals without a technical background. It presents an opportunity to grasp the basics of the Microsoft Power Platform through a virtual, self-paced learning experience lasting seven weeks. The curriculum is rich with video-based learning objectives, covering essential components such as Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate.

How do I contact Microsoft Powerup program?

For inquiries related to the Microsoft Power Up program, including information on start dates and further assistance, individuals are encouraged to get in touch via email at



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