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Free M365 Developer Tenants: Change Announced
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Mar 31, 2024 6:12 PM

Free M365 Developer Tenants: Change Announced

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The removal of the ability to create new free M365 dev tenants is disappointing.

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  • Access to Microsoft 365 developer subscriptions is now limited to developers or organizations with active Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions, or participants of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program.
  • New updates to the Microsoft 365 Developer Program include the addition of previously missing service plans, adjustments for geographic limitations, and more frequent renewal checks to ensure compliance.
  • The removal of the Office 365 E3 Developer offer and the introduction of preview mode for early access to new services and features for testing in the Microsoft 365 Developer E5 subscription.
  • Launch of the Microsoft 365 developer research panel to collect feedback and guide future program developments, offering developers the opportunity to participate in studies and share challenges.
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Microsoft 365 Developer Program Changes

The Microsoft 365 Developer Program is essential for developers aiming to build solutions on the Microsoft 365 platform. Recently, Microsoft announced several significant changes, primarily focusing on who can access the developer subscriptions. Now, only those with a Visual Studio Enterprise subscription or who are part of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program can directly obtain a developer subscription. However, existing members are unaffected by these new restrictions.

Microsoft introduced several updates to enhance the Developer Program. These include adding service plans that were missing previously, introducing geographic restrictions for technical and security reasons, and enforcing more frequent renewal checks to ensure users comply with terms and conditions. Moreover, Microsoft is moving towards providing preview access to new features, allowing developers to test and adapt to changes before they are rolled out publicly.

The removal of the Office 365 E3 Developer offer signifies a shift towards a more secure and feedback-oriented development ecosystem. Developers are encouraged to migrate to newer plans before the specified deadline. In addition, the creation of a research panel highlights Microsoft's commitment to integrating developer feedback into the program. This initiative will help shape future features and improvements, ensuring the program remains valuable for developers worldwide.

Creation of new free Microsoft 365 Dev tenants is ending. From February 2024, only developers with Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions or those involved with the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program will have access.

  • ISV Success
  • Solutions Partner
  • Specialization/Expert
  • Managed Partners
  • Premier or Unified Support plan members


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    People also ask

    Is Microsoft 365 developer program free for lifetime?

    The duration of your Microsoft 365 developer program subscription extends up to 90 days based on your usage, and it possesses the potential for renewal contingent on your activities as a qualified developer. Continuous development activity ensures the regular renewal of your subscription.

    How do I create a free tenant in Office 365?

    To establish an Office 365 for Education verified tenant at no charge, adhere to the designated procedural steps if you haven't already configured one.

    Is Microsoft tenant free?

    Embarking on the creation of a Microsoft Entra tenant for developmental purposes entails two avenues for setting up a complimentary account: Either join the Microsoft 365 Developer Program at no cost to access a sandbox, essential tools, and additional resources such as a Microsoft Entra account replete with P2 licenses, pre-configured users, groups, and mailboxes.

    How do I reactivate my Microsoft 365 developer subscription?

    To reactivate a lapsed or inactive subscription, simply follow the reactivation process.



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