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Dynamics 365 - Adding Speaker Information To Individual Event Overview Page
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Dynamics 365
Aug 24, 2023 3:00 PM

Dynamics 365 - Adding Speaker Information To Individual Event Overview Page

by HubSite 365 about Megan V. Walker [MVP]

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If you are hosting events, you likely have speakers that are going to present on a topic at those webinars or conferences.

If you're hosting events, you may have speakers giving presentations. In the D365 Marketing App, it's uncomplicated to add a speaker to your event. But to include it on the Event page in your Power Pages website, there are a few steps to follow. In this post, we'll guide you through the steps to add your speaker's profile photo, name, title, bio, and social media links to your event page. The end result provides a clear indication of who will be speaking at the event and offers quick access for visitors to find more about the speaker online.

  • To add a speaker, navigate to the Event planning section in D365 Marketing and click on Speakers.
  • Fields such as speaker's name, title, details, and social media links can be added here.
  • Their profile photo can also be included by adding the entity image.
  • This feature exists throughout D365 and could be used on Accounts or Contacts.
  • Click the circle next to the name of the record to upload the image.
  • The entity image may be added to the Speaker form for convenience in identifying speakers without a photo uploaded.

Additional Information

Adding speaker information to individual Event pages enhances user experience by providing detailed information about the presenter. This way, an attendee can be informed about the speaker's qualifications and social media presence prior to the event. Using the D365 Marketing App, you can add the speaker's details in a structured manner. You can also add a profile picture for each speaker for a more personalized touch. This process allows for a level of customization and helps to promote the speaker's personal brand as well as the event's authenticity.

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Learn about Adding Speaker Information To Individual Event Overview Page

Adding speaker information to an individual event overview page can be a great way to inform visitors of webinars or conferences of who will be presenting. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing provides out of the box functionality to add speakers to events. This post will walk through how to include this information on the event page, including styling the speaker's profile photo, name and title, bio, and social media links. Additionally, it is possible to add the speaker's profile photo by adding the entity image to the record. This would allow visitors to see the profile photo of the speaker even if it hasn't been added yet.

In order to add a speaker, the Event Planning section of D365 Marketing should be accessed and then Speakers should be clicked from the navigation. The form can then be updated and at a minimum the speaker's name, title, and about details should be added, as well as social media links. The profile photo can then be uploaded and the entity image can be added to the Speaker form.

Once the information has been added, the end result should be clear and easy for visitors of the page to understand who will be speaking at the event, as well as providing quick ways for visitors to find the person online and get in touch.


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