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Adding Emojis in Power Apps
Power Apps
Jul 11, 2023 10:00 AM

Adding Emojis in Power Apps

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Adding emojis to Power Apps enhances interactivity and engagement in applications. Here is a step by step guide:

  • Firstly, insert a Text Input box or Label: These can be added from the Insert menu. For this example, a Label is used.

  • Next, find the Unicode for your Emoji: Emojis are represented by a Unicode string. The Unicode for most emojis can be found on websites like

  • Finally, convert the Unicode to a format Power Apps can understand: Power Apps uses the 'Char()' function to convert Unicode into characters it can display. This function in Power Apps uses decimal code points rather than hexadecimal, thus, a conversion of your Unicode to decimal is required.

Further Discussion on Power Apps and Emojis

Embellishing Power Apps with Emojis introduces a delightful and fun element to your apps, making them more user-friendly and interactive. The ability to insert emojis is based on the Unicode characters, which are central to creating a visually engaging application, enhancing overall user experience.

While it may seem complex, the process of navigating Unicode conversion and using the 'Char()' function can be mastered quickly and adds to the flexibility and versatility of Power Apps. Indeed, adopting, and skillfully implementing these features can vastly improve your app's appeal and functionality.

Learn about Adding Emojis in Power Apps

Power Apps allows users to add emojis to their applications to make them more interactive and engaging. To do this, users must first insert a Text Input box or Label where they want the emoji to be. After that, they must find the Unicode for the desired emoji, which can be found on websites like Finally, users must convert the Unicode to a format Power Apps understands using the Char() function, which uses decimal code points instead of hexadecimal. This process can help make Power Apps applications more dynamic and fun for users.


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